What to do when husbands love football betting?

Husbands who love soccer betting have a hard time quitting their addiction because of the strong attraction of this game. The problem causes many women headaches and many families often have conflicts leading to breakdown. Follow the content of the article below NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP To know effective ways to treat this bad habit.

What should you do if your husband loves soccer betting?

When unfortunately having a husband who loves betting, women often have headaches, and the family often has “unhealthy rice and sweet soup”. To help your partner come out of the mud, wives can apply some of the following methods:

Women always understand and listen to their husbands’ concerns

Sympathizing and sitting down to talk with your husband is the most effective way to make your husband think and feel guilty. Ladies, let’s talk to find out what is the cause of your husband’s gambling addiction. The main goal is to turn yourself into a caring, sharing person and always be a strong supporter so that he has the motivation to escape temptation.

At this time, you will think about your husband’s passion in a positive way. Please think openly, don’t be too restrictive and criticize them. Because this will make men even more bored and uncomfortable, leading them to rush into betting to relieve themselves. This is actually just a temporary hobby. Please talk gently with your partner to find the most reasonable direction.

Express love to make your partner feel happy and joyful

Whether men or women, they all want to be loved, and your husband who loves football betting has the same mentality. Try to give your military partner sweetness and show concern. The couple sat down to talk to each other to come up with the most satisfactory solution.

How to treat your husband’s love of football betting – The impact of creating financial pressure on your shoulders

Most men in the world have a strong passion for betting. If you fall into betting, it is very difficult to restrain and control yourself because you have been carried away too far. If you have money in hand, you will not hesitate to regularly invest, no matter where you have to borrow.

In this case, you should not pay the debt at any time. Because “a horse familiar with the old ways” only needs to appear once to appear a second time. If you give him advice but still get ignored or put financial pressure on him. Specifically, list some needs such as weddings or needing more money to buy a house, repair the house, things for the children, etc.

The main purpose is to awaken a man’s responsibility. Because in every husband’s subconscious, there will be a desire to be a solid support for his parents as well as his wife and children.

Participating in betting together makes my husband who loves soccer betting scared

If you have used all the confiding methods but your husband still spends a large amount of money to invest in betting. The final method is to join in the game so he knows you can do the same. On a beautiful day, when your husband comes home and sees a certain amount of money or property “just flying away” he will definitely be surprised.
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On this occasion, please announce that you have played soccer betting and used it to pay off your debt. Surely he will feel very scared and worried. The next thing is to show a pitiful face, cry, knowing that he won’t gamble to cause the current consequences.

My husband will definitely think back about the things he has done recently. When you see that he is enlightened, bring those things back to their original positions and explain to your husband that if you continue to play blindly, this situation will definitely happen.

Revealing an easy way to quit football addiction

To help your partner successfully quit addiction, 123B.casino will introduce some tips as follows:

  • Don’t regularly watch many football matches anymore to avoid awakening your betting passion.
  • Play recreational sports activities and don’t have time to think about winning or losing in betting.
  • Work harder, work will make your husband forget about this. Limiting your free time to think a lot about betting is a very useful playing method to get the thought of betting out of your head.
  • Adjust your diet, sleep and rest on time to always be mentally prepared to be most relaxed and comfortable. Thanks to that, betting is also easier and simpler.


NEW88 shared measures to help cure her husband’s love of soccer betting. Be a smart wife to keep the fire and happiness in your family. Hopefully with the above methods, your family will return to a normal and happy life.

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