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Holiness Is to Have a Christlike Character

Have a Christ-Renewed Mind In perhaps more contemporary terms it is a question of whose uniform we are wearing. Uniforms display not only what we are called to do but also to whom we belong and whose management we are under. Are we wearing the old and shabby uniform of …

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Is the Bible God’s Inspired Word

Be Transformed Spiritually If Jesus was an avatar (and again, I propose that He was the only ‘avatar’ or incarnation of God), and if an avatar can only speak the truth, why did His teachings contradict so many concepts found in Far Eastern religions and New Age spirituality? When I …

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Chanting Mantras or Praying Heartfelt Prayers

Karma or Forgiveness from God Yogi Bhajan taught us to chant mantras in order to ‘burn up’ karma and achieve oneness with God. The primary ones were “OM” (said to be the original ‘sound’ that accompanied the ‘manifestation’ of the universe) or “Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam, Siri Wah Guru” …

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