Best Travel Destinations For Christmas

We all know that December is the most joyful, colorful, and merriest month of the year, as this is the month of Christmas. Christmas is a time of celebration and bonding with your loved ones, and since this just happens once a year, it is important to think of ways in which you can spend this season to the fullest.

There are a lot of activities that you and your family, or even your lover, can do this Christmas. Some of these are, of course, setting up a Christmas tree and putting presents around it, baking Christmas pastries, conducting a Christmas movie marathon, giving your children letters from Santa, and most especially, traveling!

Traveling during Christmas is popular for a lot of families. In fact, some families have made traveling a traditional thing to do every Christmas. If you and your loved ones are considering traveling during the holidays, this article will provide you with a list of the best Christmas destinations for you and your family to visit. 

  • New York, USA

Almost everyone knows that New York, USA, is one of the best cities to visit this Christmas. With their towering buildings, twinkling lights, ice rinks, traditional Christmas decorations, and the huge Christmas tree they set up every year, there’s no doubt that this should be on your list. New York City is completely transformed during Christmas, and the people make their best efforts to make the city festive and splendid for the people to have a merry season. And not to mention, there’s also snow.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands tells the story of Santa Claus in the Dutch capital, making it a great destination to visit, especially if you have children. Amsterdam also decorates its vintage houses, has a 65-foot tall Christmas tree at Dam Square, and conducts a Dutch National Ballet Show. Furthermore, there’s also an event called the Amsterdam Light Festival. This is one of the festive places during December. You will surely feel the Christmas spirit due to the colorful twinkling lights around you and the joyous citizens and tourists.

  • Switzerland

Every house and village in Switzerland is decorated during the Christmas season, making it one of the must-visit places during December. Switzerland goes all out every Christmas season too, and the aspects that make it a great destination are its decorative vintage houses, ice rinks, and winter festivals. Playing in the snowy playgrounds is one of the best reasons to visit Switzerland! Switzerland is perfect during winter, and its snowfalls occur every December. If you love or want to try skiing, consider adding this to your bucket list. Moreover, for vintage house enthusiasts, Switzerland is definitely perfect for you.

  • London, England

There are numerous reasons why London is the perfect place to visit during the Christmas season. The travel costs for London are cheap during the holidays, and the colorful, decorative lights around the city will surely raise your Christmas spirits. There are a lot of Christmas shops and markets where you and your loved ones can buy food and souvenirs, and the ice skating rink located at Somerset House is a fun activity, especially for kids. Not to mention, in the UK, London has a lot of events set for December! Some of these are Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, Grassington Dickensian Festival, and Cardiff Winter Wonderland.

In Summary

The four destinations stated above are just some of the best places to visit during Christmas, and there are still a lot more out there! But regardless of what place you are going to visit, it is important to unleash the Christmas spirit within you and to cherish the holidays with your loved ones, as the Christmas season is a time for loving and enjoying.

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