How to play Dragon Tiger online is extremely easy to win for new players

Online casinos are probably becoming more and more interested and interested in participating by gamers. Casino can be said to be a gaming hall that gathers an extremely diverse range of attractive game types and genres. Dragon Tiger is a very famous form of card game that many people choose when playing at casinos.

However, for many people who are new to the game or just learning, they may encounter many difficulties in fully understanding this game. Let’s New88 Learn about Thor and Dragon How to play Dragon Tiger online through the article below.

Overview of the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an extremely popular form of game at casinos on bookmakers or online game portals. This is a card game betting game that includes 2 main bets. Players participating in betting will be able to place 2 bets: Dragon and Tiger.
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That’s why this game is called Dragon Tiger. The value of the cards in the Dragon Tiger game is also different from the card game Tien Tien or Baccarat. Cards with values ​​from K – 2 are ranked from high to low value. After card 2, the LA card is the card that displays the smallest value of 1. The K card displays a value of 13 points.

How to play Dragon Tiger online is extremely simple and easy to play

When the Dragon Tiger game starts, you must first place a bet on the game you want. You have the right to bet on a total of 2 main bets on the dragon or tiger box or the secondary bet on a draw. In foreign language displays, these 3 betting boxes are called Dragon, Tiger and Tie respectively. Players are free to bet on the betting box they want, as well as the amount of money they want to bet on.

After that, the dealer you play with will start dealing cards at the dragon and tiger bets. Each such box will be dealt 2 cards. After that, the dealer will turn over the cards one by one. The player who bets on the box that displays the higher score of the two flipped cards wins. If the two cards have the same score, the game results in a draw, and the player who bets on a draw wins.

Besides the familiar way to play Dragon Tiger online, players have many different betting options. Those boxes are variations from other ways of playing such as even dragons, odd dragons, even tigers, or odd tigers.

Some tips for playing Dragon Tiger correctly and winning easily

How to play Dragon Tiger online is really not difficult, but on the contrary, it is extremely simple and players do not need to spend too much time to learn and participate in betting. However, players also need to prepare themselves with certain tips or experiences to participate in the game.

Join us in reviewing the experiences and useful tips shared by many experienced players below.

Bet with a small capital for your first dragon and tiger bet

Many people participate and bet large amounts of capital when playing this game for the first time because it is easy to play. This is a mistake if you still think like that. Essentially, each game requires players to understand their own tips and rules if they want to win.

While playing, you will definitely be able to learn a lot of experience and tips. Therefore, you should bet with a small and moderate capital when first playing. Only then will you be able to see and feel thoroughly how playing Dragon Tiger online works. From then on, I gradually got better at playing.

Don’t bet on draws often

It can be said that the tie bet is a bet with a very high chance of winning money. With other bets, the payout ratio is only 1:1, while this bet is up to 8:1. This also means that the probability of winning the bet is also lower.
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Therefore, if you want to win a lot, just place the bet, the possibility of winning is not high. And losing many times in a draw will cause you to lose a significant amount of capital.

Apply how to play Dragon Tiger online to fight closely

Playing close can be said to be a method chosen by many players for betting when there are more than 3 cards. If the dealer has turned over 3 dragon cards, then from the 3rd count onwards, the tiger side will win over the dragon side with a close score. On the contrary, if 3 tiger cards are flipped, the dragon side will win the tiger side with a close score.

Apply the playing method of tail betting

Tail betting is a way of playing that many people apply, often understood as the method of going with the wind. This way of playing stipulates that players need to bet on the dragon first, and the tiger later.

The same order is repeated for the following bets. The player’s task is to remember all the winning boxes so that they can place the correct card in the next game. This is a method that helps players have a very high probability of winning, so you should apply it when playing Dragon Tiger.


Above is all the information about How to play Dragon Tiger online that we want to share with you. Wishing everyone who participates in playing Dragon Tiger good luck and bets they win!

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