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Regulations of substitution rules in football

The substitution rule in soccer only applies when the main referee of the match decides to pause the match and the referee on the sideline receives the signal to substitute. Next, the substitution sign is posted and at this time the referee will signal the player being replaced off the field and the substitute player to enter the match.

During the halftime break of the match, the coach can make a substitution, but it must be done quickly, the referee will be the one to review and decide whether to allow it or not.

If the substitution time has passed and the new player has not been put on the field, the referee will start the match with a goal kick, throw-in or corner kick.

The substitution law in football has separate regulations for substitute and substitute players. Substitute players who want to enter the field or are replaced and want to leave the field must approve the referee’s decision. Substitute players may enter the field when the substitute player has left the field. If the person entering the field has not approved the referee’s decision to score a goal, the goal will not be recognized

Rules for substitutions in a squad of 11 people

Currently, in professional tournaments with 11-man squads, FIFA regulates the substitution rules for this squad as follows:

Previously, in 11-person matches, FIFA stipulated that there could be a maximum of 3 substitutions. However, recently FIFA has changed the rules, each team will be allowed to substitute a maximum of 5 people within 90 minutes of the match. If a team has not used all of its personnel changes in the two official halves of competition, it can use the right to substitute that person in extra time if any.

Substitution rules in football – friendly matches

According to FIFA rules, in friendly matches, teams will have the right to replace up to 6 players. However, there must still be a decision from the referee for this substitution to take place. In the substitution rules of friendly soccer, players who violate the playing area will be severely punished. The referee can pause the match to warn or even disqualify this player. The opposing team may be awarded an indirect free kick at the position where the referee pauses the match to make a substitution. If in the match there is a goal scored by an outsider or a person entering the field without the referee’s permission, that goal will not be recognized.

Substitutions changed football history

Substitutions in football are situations that happen frequently. Maybe the player requested a change due to health problems, or maybe the coach changed tactics. Following are the substitution situations that go down in world football history.

MU in the Champions League in 1998-1999

Ole Solskjaer is a typical example of successful substitutions. In his first match for MU, Solskjaer came off the bench and scored a goal for this team. During his entire career at MU, he scored 29 goals when he came on the field from the bench. Solskjaer likes to observe the match from the sidelines to find the opponent’s weaknesses. His most important goal after coming on as a substitute was in the match against Bayern Munich, scoring in the 90+3′ minute to seal a 2-1 victory in the 1998-1999 Champions League final. This is a classic comeback in football history. What’s more special is the goal to equalize 1-1 in the 90th minute and also came from a substitute player.
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World Cup 2014

At the 2014 World Cup, player Mario Goetze created a miracle, scoring the only goal in the World Cup final. Entering the field in the 88th minute, Goetze brought the fourth World Cup championship to the German team with a goal in the 113th minute.

Also at the 2014 World Cup, in the quarterfinals of the Dutch team against Costa Rica, at minute 120+1′, Louis van Gaal surprised many people when he replaced goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen with Tim Krul. This substitution confused Costa Rica and in the end Tim Krul saved two penalties, sending the Netherlands to the semi-finals. Coach Van Gaal was praised by fans after his unique substitution.


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