Football Betting Terminology Rookies Must Know

Soccer betting terminology is one of the important factors that helps players grasp the match intuitively and make more accurate decisions. Together Neu88 Find out common keywords when participating in online betting in today’s article.

How is the term soccer betting understood?

To put it simply,Soccer betting terminology are keywords that are often used in every match. It can be applied during the bridge, judgment or appear right on the scoreboard. Therefore, understanding them will be the key to opening the door for you to grasp information quickly and win easily.

Decoding common soccer betting terms during play

On the market today, there are 3 extremely popular bets: Asian, European and Over/Under bets. Each form will have its own betting terminology that everyone needs to understand. Specifically, common phrases and their meanings are as follows:

Common phrases in Asian handicapping

Asian Handicap is one of the most popular bets at the present time. If people want to place standard bets with this type, they cannot ignore common soccer betting terms as below:

  • Handicap (HDP): This is another way of saying Asian handicap. Basically, the house will divide the two participating teams into a strong team and a weaker team according to the previously determined ratio.
  • Odds: The redemption coefficient often appears on the odds table.
  • Win full (WF): This term means that a team wins the entire match.
  • Lose full (LF): In contrast to WF, this means a participating team loses the match.
  • Win half (WH): This soccer betting term means the participating club wins the second half or vice versa.
  • Lose half (LH): Similar to above, this keyword indicates that the team that loses the first half wins the second half or vice versa.
  • Half time (HT): This is a bet that only counts within 45 minutes of the match.
  • Extra time (ET): Extra time, often applied in important matches.
  • PEN: Penalty kick is also known as penalty kick.

What concepts do you need to understand when participating in European betting?

European handicap will be somewhat simpler than the way of playing handicap handicap. You don’t need to care about the score, you just need to predict which team can win in the end. At this time, people only have 3 betting portals: win, lose and draw to enter money. Here are some key terms of this form:

  • 1X2: The term soccer betting denotes the meaning of European odds or also known as 1X2 odds.
  • 1: You think the home team will win and bet on the home team.
  • 2: On the contrary, if everyone predicts that the away team will win, bet on this bet.
  • X: This is the symbol for a tie. In case you predict the final result will be a draw, don’t hesitate to bet money here.

Soccer betting terminology in over/under betting

Over/under betting is an extremely suitable form of entertainment for rookies just starting to participate in soccer betting. Possessing simple game rules as well as few betting terms, players will easily get used to it and place bets easily. Some common phrases you encounter when participating in this type are as follows:
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  • Over (also abbreviated as O): This is the Over gate, indicating that the actual total number of goals exceeds the number previously announced by the house.
  • Under (also abbreviated as U): On the contrary, this term means Under, indicating that the actual number of goals is lower than the previously given unit rate.

Why should you understand the concepts of terms when betting on soccer?

This is also the question we receive the most about soccer betting terminology. When you understand the phrases that often appear in the match, you not only become a wise player but also help everyone improve their ability to make flexible and accurate betting decisions.

Understanding concepts such as Handicap, Over/Under, Odds, and symbols such as HT, FT, ET brings confidence when betting. This creates an exciting and effective soccer betting experience. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to experience bettingsport memorable as well as improve your skills.

The term soccer betting has been shared in detail in today’s article. Understanding these keywords is an important factor to help bettors easily participate and make accurate decisions. Wishing you guys have exciting moments of entertainment when playing at the  New88 link.

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