How to Play Lieng Cards Simple and Easy to Win

The way to play Lieng cards is quite simple, but not everyone can win when participating. Today’s article Trang Chủ New88 will share with you how to play as well as some tips to help you win big. Let’s follow along.

How to play Lieng cards to always win

Lieng is a popular card game in Vietnam, for groups of 2-6 people to play in the form of betting. Although the way to play Lieng cards is simple, if you do not have a strategy, it will be difficult for you to win against others.

Rules of playing sacred cards

Normally, in a game, the minimum number of players is 2 and the maximum is 6. Each person will be dealt 3 cards equally.

At first, players bet a basic amount according to regulations. After receiving 3 cards, the player bets more depending on the 3 cards in his hand. The dealer will play first and play counterclockwise. When it’s your turn you will have 3 options:

  • Raise: If you see that your 3 cards are beautiful and have a high chance of winning, you can choose to raise and bet more money. Note: In each game, you can only bet once/round.
  • Follow: In case you see the previous player calling you, you have the right to follow or not follow.
  • Quit: You choose to give up participating in the game and accept losing all the money you initially bet.
  • All-in: If you see that your hand has a chance of winning big, you should bet all your money.

The game ends when no one raises. If no one follows during the game, the person who raises will be the winner and his or her cards will be hidden. If the game has at least 2 people following, those 2 people will lower their cards to compare points. Whoever has the higher score is the winner.

Divide wins and losses in sacred card games

  • Wax: A deck of cards that possesses three identical cards. For example, three 8 cards are called Sap 8. If all players have Sap, the one with the higher Sap will win. In sacred card playing, the order of cards increases from 2 to Ace.
  • Lieng: A deck of cards that possesses three consecutive cards. For example, 5, 6, 7. Ace, 2, 3 will be the lowest numbers and Q, K, Ace will be the highest numbers. If two people are spiritual, the person with higher spirituality will win. In case the cards are the same, the winner will be determined by the card with the highest quality. The order from big to small is Diamonds, Hearts, Hearts, Spades.
  • Photo: A deck of cards with all three cards being Western (human figures J, Q, K). In case both people have Photos, they must compare the highest quality in the article. If it’s the same suit, go back and compare the order of the J, Q, and K cards.
  • Points: This is the most basic way to calculate cards when the cards do not have Sap, Lieng or Photo. Take the total score of the three cards and divide it by 10. The remaining balance after being divided will be the player’s score. The points of the numbered cards remain the same while the 10, J, Q, and K cards are all counted as 0 points. If players have the same score, they will compare the card with the highest suit. If they have the same suit, they will compare cards.

How to play Lieng cards for beginners

  • Step 1: Players take turns placing bets according to the specified base amount
  • Step 2: When starting to play, each person will be dealt 3 cards. The first player is the one who does the trick or the one who won the previous game. The person to the right of the first player will get to play the next turn.
  • Step 3: When it’s your turn to play, each person has about 20 seconds to choose to Raise, Call, Fold or Go All in. If you want to raise another player, bet more money and then raise. Or if the previous person raises, you can make a decision whether to follow or quit.
  • Step 4: The game will end when the turn ends and no one raises or one person does not fold. The last player to call is the winner and holds all the money that the player who did not call bets.

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Note when learning how to play sacred cards

To learn how gambling Linh always beats other opponents, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Take full advantage of your opportunities: If you accidentally lose the opportunity, your winning rate will gradually decrease and your good cards may be revealed.
  • Use psychological attacks on your opponents: Show that you are someone who cannot predict the moves of the remaining players. Only then will the opponent be subjective and not at all wary of you. At this point, you will increase your chances of winning.
  • Know how to stop the game at the right time: If you feel your cards are bad and you encounter a strong opponent, you should know to stop at the right time to lose a smaller bet instead of losing a large amount.

How to play Lieng cards New88 The introduction is very simple and anyone can learn. If you can’t figure it out yet, you can invite your friends to play together to practice this subject.


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