How to bet on soccer over/under for sure wins for new players

Football betting is no longer strange because tournaments take place regularly and bring many surprises. How to bet on football over/under It is also very popular because of its simplicity, high winning ability, and brings attractive rewards. Below will be extremely high-quality over/under betting experiences Nhacaiuytin For bettors who want to learn!

Find out what is betting on Over/Under?

Football is not called the king sport by accident because of the extremely large number of fans. Besides the artistic moments of competition, the matches also help you make money through bets.

The most popular form that we often call is Sic Bo. Or also known by another name, the over-under bet. Those participating in betting will see this type appear in most tournaments and matches provided by bookmakers.

Players will predict the result of the match, the total number of goals and then compare it with the score given by the house. If you guess higher, choose over; if you guess lower, bet on under. The amount of bet also depends on your finances, so be very proactive in the participation process.

What are the forms of football over/under betting?

If you want to learn about this way of playing, there will be many different ways to play Sic Bo. However, the most popular forms are still listed below!

Bet on over/under based on the total number of goals

To not have to think too much, you will choose to predict the total number of goals in the match. The bookmaker will give a certain rate, then you will rely on updated information about the team’s confrontation history and personal analysis to decide whether the total number of goals will be higher or lower. higher than the rate offered by the house.

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Bet on over/under according to the number of penalty cards

With this method, you will predict the number of cards drawn by the referee during the official playing time of the match. You can predict by yellow card or red card, but the most important thing is to monitor the house’s odds to make an accurate decision.

In this form, you can also choose to bet on the first or second half. It is not necessary to bet on the whole match, so it depends on your own thinking to choose correctly.

Choose how to bet on over/under soccer corner kicks

This is also a very common type in most matches, because these situations will happen often when a team commits a foul. Therefore, bettors will consider choosing to bet on over/under corner kicks to participate.

Similar to the betting methods above, you only need to predict whether the number of corner kicks is more or less than the odds given by the house. This way of playing will be easier for those who regularly follow football and the playing characteristics of the teams.

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Some notes when playing Over/Under betting

If you are new, below are some tips to make your experience even better. Increase your chances of winning and bring in money:

  • Do not choose matches where you know nothing about the players on the field as well as the team
  • Do not choose bets with too high odds to avoid being tempted by the house
  • You need to learn carefully about the teams as well as their parameters and competition situation before placing bets
  • You must know how to read and analyze odds to have a chance of winning
  • You should learn from the experiences of the mastersSports betting You should not use too much capital when you first play

Instructions on how to read over/under odds very easily

If you want to play but don’t know how to read the odds, then make accurate predictions. This will be a suggestion for you to make sure you can read it right away after memorizing these contents:

  • If the bet reads 1:1/2 or 1.5, it means the bet is one and a half balls. At this time, the person who bets on over will win if the match or round has two or more goals, and conversely, under will win if the match ends with only one or no goals.
  • If the bet reads 1.75 or 1.5 – 2, it means the bet is 1:¾ left: The upper bet will win all the money when the result has 3 or more goals, two goals will only win half the money and vice versa, the lower bet will win if the total is There is only 1 goal or 0 goals, half the money is lost when there are 2 goals
  • If the bet scores 2, the over will win if the total number of goals scored is greater than 2 and vice versa for the under bet.
  • If the bet scores 2.25 or 2-2.5, it is a 2:¼ bet: the upper hand will win if the total number of goals scored is 3 or more, losing half the money if there are only 2 goals, vice versa for the lower hand.
  • If the bet scores 2 1/2 or 2.5, it is a bet of 2 and a half goals: similarly, the above type also needs to have at least 3 goals. Under will win if there are only 2 goals or less than 2 goals…


 How to bet on football over/underNot difficult but also not easy for newbies. So please take the time to research and learn before placing bets. Nhacaiuytin Wishing you success and reap many great rewards!

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