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For those new to the lottery, not everyone knows the term double deviation. To be proficient in playing lottery, you need to clearly understand the terms. Let’s Trang Chủ Hi88 Learn about the term double deviation and how to play to always get the best results.

Double topic

Double bets can be simply understood as when you see that the number for the special prize is a number with the same last 2 digits, for example 23700, then the pair of 00 numbers here is a double bet. 00 is called double number because it is the same number. There are many different types of double threads: offset double, equal double, offset double, equal double… and some other terms. When you first start playing, you will see that the numbers in these types of doubles are not difficult.

Lottery is also a game that requires intelligence in addition to luck. Therefore, players should know these terms to understand the review and bet to know whether to follow or not. Clear understanding will help players avoid being “led around” by others when playing without clearly understanding the origin and method of the numbers.

Double deviation

Double lottery is a concept in double lottery, this is the type of lottery that most people choose to play in double lottery.

What is double deviation?

Double deviation is the pairing of negative and positive balls to find lucky numbers for the player. The accuracy of this double bet is quite high, so it brings many opportunities to win for players. The way to combine negative and positive balls to find the appropriate number is also very easy, so almost everyone can apply and participate in the game easily.

Compared to equal double bets, the difficulty of playing double cross bets is lower and the winning rate is higher, so more people choose to play. As a rule, the numbers that appear in the lottery are quite low and rarely come back. Although the reward for equal doubles is many times higher than for wrong doubles, its difficulty is also higher.

What numbers does the offset double set include?

When you pair the numbers of the balls together, you will get a pair of skewed numbers. According to these combinations, the numbers will be 50-05, 49-94, 16-61 and 27-72. These are all pairs of numbers that are 5 units different from each other. There are 3 types of double deviation: negative deviation, positive deviation and double deviation.

  • Negative deviation includes numbers 07, 70, 14, 41, 29, 92, 36, 63, 58, 85.
  • Double deviation includes numbers: 04, 40, 06, 60, 15, 51, 95, 59, 17, 71, 14, 41, 28, 82, 26, 62, 37, 73, 36, 63, 39, 93 , 48, 84.
  • Negatively offset double numbers include: 06, 60, 08, 80, 97, 79, 17, 71, 15, 51, 13, 31, 04, 40, 24, 42, 39, 93, 191, 91, 28 , 82, 20, 02, 37, 73, 35, 53, 46, 64, 26, 62, 59, 95, 57, 75, 68, 86, 48, 84.

The easiest way to win the lottery

For long-time players, to play the lottery effectively, it is not only about luck but also about having an effective playing method with your own experience. If you are someone who is not too knowledgeable about betting and wants to try, you can refer to the method below.

Predicting multiple deviations effectively

You can predict the good numbers that will come today based on the difference that appeared yesterday:

  • If the previous day’s bet is 05-50, the next day you can bet on pairs of 15, 20, 30, 50 and the opposite number pairs.
  • If the previous day’s difference was 16-61, the next day you can play in pairs of 10,32, 60,96 and the opposite pair.
  • The previous day it was about Pair 27-72, the next day you can try your luck on the pairs 00, 55, 61,38,59 along with the opposite pairs.
  • The return pair is 38-83. Next day, play the lottery numbers 23,29,67,95 and the opposite number pairs.
  • The previous day the winning pair was 49-94. The next day, the winning pair was 30,33,88,56,60 and the pairs were reversed.

Prediction when the question is about double negative deviation

You can also easily predict the good numbers for the next day if the previous day’s numbers are wrong. Based on the experience and knowledge of experts, the numbers you can try for reference are:

  • If the negative difference is 07-70, the next day you can follow the pairs of numbers 06, 14,19, 31,38,60,83,91.
  • The negative difference is the number 14-41, the next day, play the numbers 13-31, 33,88, 78-87 and 89-98.
  • Today if the pair is negative on the number pair 29-92, the next day you can play 68-86, 12-21, 10-01, 26-62.
  • Today’s negative difference is 36-63, then play the numbers 33, 88, 25-52, 01-10, 08-80
  • Today the pair is negative in the pair 58-85, then the next day you can play the pairs of numbers 22, 02-20, 77, 08-80 11, 66

Experience in playing double odds

Besides relying on the previous day’s numbers to choose the next day’s numbers, you also need some experience. The skewed odds are difficult, so you cannot always apply the above playing method but need to be flexible and change frequently. Only when you predict that the probability of that number coming back is high, then bet on this lottery number 3 or 5.

Whether you play online or live, you need to choose a reputable house to participate to avoid risks. Currently, there are many online bookmakers on the market, so you need to be alert and choose correctly to receive benefits for yourself. You should compare the payout rates between different bookmakers to choose.

Friend play double deviation or any type, there needs to be a reasonable division of the budget rather than going all-in with everything you have. Taking risks when playing is necessary, but taking too many risks will put you at great risk, possibly leaving you completely empty-handed if you are too passionate about red and black. So you should set a reasonable amount of money and decide that if you lose all that money, you will stop.

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Where is the wrong double bet?

When playing double lottery, players need to be patient and do a lot of research to gain more experience and understanding. For new players, you can refer to reviews on lottery websites. If you don’t know where to play, you can refer to it Bookmaker Hi88.

Why should you play double odds at bookmaker Hi88?

Bookmaker Hi88 is one of the most reputable bookmakers in the Asian market with many years of operation in the market and is regularly upgraded to improve customer service quality. That’s why now Bookmaker Hi88 Receiving a lot of attention from players, there is always a large number of players participating in the game rooms here.

Play double lottery at the house Hi88 You can completely rest assured because:

  • Reputable bookmaker has been sponsored by large companies and licensed to operate.
  • Provides many attractive games besides lottery with high winning rate and prize rate.
  • Simple electrical interface for easy operations.
  • How to register, log in, deposit and withdraw money quickly.
  • The best security policy today ensures that customer information is not disclosed.
  • Special customer care policy, always with the fastest support for customers.

Participating in playing online lottery helps you save time and be able to control the game situation quickly and accurately. You can receive your prize money immediately if you are the lucky winner. And especially playing online lottery at the house Hi88 then your win rate will become much higher.

Instructions for playing double deviation at Hi88

To participate in playing double odds at the house Hi88 Extremely simple, you just need to follow the steps below to participate in the game and receive rewards.

Step1: Register an account at  Bookmaker Hi88

Step 2: To be able to participate in double play, you need to have a certain number of points in your account. If your account is not enough, you need to add more money to your account.

Step 3: Log in to the house to start participating in the games.

Step 4: Go to the lottery section and start selecting Vietnamese lottery numbers

  • Select the prize opening station.
  • Choose bet type
  • Choose the number you want to play
  • Enter the bet amount
  • Select the station you want to play

Afterward Bookmaker Hi88 will give a detailed statistics table of the amount to be paid after discount and the total bet amount. Choose to place a bet to complete your participation in playing the lottery at this house.

If you don’t know how to register an account and deposit money into your account Bookmaker Hi88 You can refer to the instructional articles on the Hi88 homepage.

Lottery prices at bookmaker Hi88

Proposal price: is a form of betting on 1 number from 00 to 99 with the last 2 special numbers as the result. The price of VIET88 tail at bookmaker Hi88 is 705 VND/point and the payout rate is 70.

First topic: is a form of betting on 1 number from 00 to 99, taking the last 2 special numbers as the result and taking the first 2 numbers of the special prize as the result. With the same price as normal deals, 705 VND/point.

Lot number: take the last 2 numbers of all prizes as the lottery result at a price of 21,680 VND/point with a payout ratio of 80.

Parlay: bet on 2, 3, or 4 numbers at the same time with the winning condition being that the result must have the selected numbers at the same time. The prices for multiple lots with 2, 3, 4 numbers are 560 VND, 530 VND and 450 VND. This article provides necessary information about double bets, double odds and some necessary information for those who are new to playing lottery. Besides, we also shared the experiences of veteran players. Hopefully the things shared in the article can help you gain the necessary information when playing lottery.


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