Guide to Unbeaten Football Over/Under Betting in Every Match

Guide to football over/under betting will help you have effective playing strategies. In football, over/under betting is a popular main bet. So let’s play how to stay undefeated Kèo nhà cái See the article below!
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A few words about football over/under betting

Over/Under in soccer is the main type of bet that many players prefer because it is easy to play. This type of bet is also called Over – Under (abbreviated O/U) or over under. This bet is easy to play because you don’t need to know which team is the top and which team is the bottom.

Accordingly, the house will give a random number and players will base their predictions on it. If the total number of goals in the match is greater than that number, it will be over, if it is less than that number, it will be under. However, to make the best prediction, you need to see Guide to football over/under betting under.

Currently, bookmakers will offer players over/under odds for the first half and the whole match. At Kèo nhà cái too, bettors will have more choices. However, the prediction will only stop at the official minutes of play without extra time, extra time or penalty shootouts.

How to calculate winnings and losses

Before coming toGuide to football over/under betting You need to know how to calculate winnings and losses. To make it easier for players to understand how to calculate wins and losses, see the following example:

In a soccer match, on the bookmaker’s odds table, the over/under bet is 3 goals. This is the number of goals that the house predicts and there are cases as follows:

  • If the total match is 3 goals or more, you bet on over and you will win money, but if you bet on under, you will lose everything.
  • The whole match has less than 3 goals, bet on over or lose, bet on under to win.
  • There are exactly 3 goals in the entire match, over and under bets will all be refunded.

Instructions on football over/under betting with 2 effective methods

Below are the 2 best methods shared by experts when playing over/under betting. Specifically:

Bet on talent

With this way of playing, choose for yourself matches that will have a high score. Specifically, matches with a clear difference in strong and weak teams or decisive football matches.
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Accordingly, the results of these matches will be more inclined to the over side. While the match is going on, if the over/under bet is lower, then boldly bet more money on the over.

In matches with early goals, don’t hesitate and go over. This way of playing will help players have the opportunity to bring themselves attractive prize money.

Bet on Under

Guide to football over/under betting There are tips for bettors to play under. With this way of playing, you will choose football matches with little chance of scoring. If you see that the two teams are equal and have a low scoring ability, you should play the under and bet more heavily.

With this way of playing, players need to follow the rules when choosing a match to participate in. Calculate carefully to make the wisest decision.

Instructions for betting on undefeated football over/under

Football is an attractive sport with many different types of bets. When participating in any type of bet, you need to have playing experience. However, new players without experience need to learn. And let’s see now Guide to football over/under betting The best below.

Don’t go all in

Even if you are a seasoned betting expert, you will never go all-in. This is an immutable principle that every player needs to know to avoid risks.

When playing, you should divide your betting capital into many games to manage and place money. In case you lose the divided capital while playing, you should stop immediately. Please review your playing strategy to ensure that your psychology is not affected. Once you have learned the experience, you can come back to participate.

The secret to choosing over/under bets

Guide to football over/under betting Easy to win is having a way to choose bets. Accordingly, this type of bet has many different odds, so you need to know clearly how to play to choose correctly.

For example, if you see that the handicap offered by the house is 1 goal, 1.25 or 1.5 goals, choose the over/under bet for the first half. 1 – 3 days before the match starts, you need to continuously monitor the odds table.

Accordingly, this continuous observation will help players have effective playing strategies. If you see the dealer changing the odds, you need to immediately change the way you play.

Instructions on football over/under betting at a reputable unit

Normally, at reputable websites there will always be a betting team with many years of experience. They give quite accurate and often unchanged prediction results. As for playgrounds that constantly change, you need to pay more attention.

Specifically, you can refer to Guide to football over/under betting at reputable betting sites as follows:

  • If a strong team plays away from home, the strength is not too different and the handicap is from 0.5 – 1, choose the under.
  • If the two sides do not have much difference in form and strength, choose the away team.
  • Before the match starts, the odds drop from 1 to 0.75. If the payout ratio is higher, you should play under.
  • If you see that the lower team scores first and the odds do not change, choose under.


The above article is about sharing Guide to football over/under betting unbeaten for players. Hopefully with the above ways of playing, you will easily predict correctly and have many chances to win bets.


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