Charity Hi88 – Campaign to Build a Developing Community

Charity campaign Link Hi88 built and developed by the board of directors and staff. The company wants to contribute a little in the journey of lighting dreams for unfortunate lives. Please join us to learn more about this meaningful program.

Charity Hi88 light up the future

Hi88 is today’s leading entertainment media corporation, with impressive service activities in the domestic and international markets. To achieve the current success, the company would like to thank customers for their continued trust and support. More than gratitude,Hi88 Desire to contribute and contribute to the community.

Realizing that there are so many miserable and impoverished lives out there, many people have to go into exile, poor girls and boys cannot go to school. That’s why the charity fundHi88 was established on January 20, 2019, which was an important milestone for the group.

The fund operates based on capital from the company’s annual profits, absolutely does not receive any support from investors and customers. Target ofHi88 is to carry out philanthropic activities, support difficult circumstances, encourage social construction and contribute in a small way to promoting the country. Done by the management board and staff, valuable gifts will be sent to poor families and children.

Charity project Hi88 in the last year

In 2023, you will be lucky to receive enthusiastic support from localities and charity groups Hi88 delivered many meaningful gifts.

Campaign highland children’s charity

Opening the 2023 charity journey, the delegationHi88 Choose your first destination in the Northwest mountains. When coming here, the staff was not only impressed with the majestic natural scenery but also could not hold back their tears when listening to the students share their dreams of going to school.

Understanding the desire for literacy, the company decided to award 200 scholarships and more than 500 gifts such as uniforms, books… to the children. In addition, the group also supported the renovation of schools and donated more than 50 sets of new tables, chairs and boards to give children the best learning environment.

Charity program Hi88 “meal of love”

Write Continuing the journey of helping the community, the company has successfully raised charity fundsHi88 called “meal of love”. On the 1st and 15th of every month, the staff will send meals to elderly people who are single and have no children or homes.
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In addition, the “meal of love” program is also expanded at major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. The hot meals hope to alleviate some of the physical pain of patients who are fighting death to regain their lives.


Program “for a healthy heart”

Charity team Hi88 visited the children at the Children’s Hospital. The company’s leadership couldn’t help but be moved by the babies who had just been born and had to have heart valves inserted. That innocent face made our hearts ache.

Group Hi88 hand-delivered 200 heart surgeries to children in extremely difficult circumstances. The company hopes that you will always keep that innocent smile to light up the dark days.

Charity journey Hi88 The meaningful year 2023 has ended with the companionship of the staff. The company hopes that in 2024, it can launch more campaigns to bring hope for a good life to many situations.

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