Automotive Computer Reflashing Can Help You Avoid Costly

Live at the biocomputer seminar

This is a major and most crucial aspect of reprogramming the human biocomputer, simply because it is the hardest to do and requires concentrated effort. Only now will you realize why I have taken such great pains to emphasize and reiterate certain points. By far the simplest way to reprogram the human biocomputer is to put certain information on an audio cassette tape and play it back to yourself at various times during the day. The first audio cassette you will make up will be to reprogram your right computer only. (The left I computer processes in words and needs to be reprogrammed in a totally different manner). You will need a new, high quality, thirty minute cassette tape and a tape recorder. Using this method to reprogram the biocomputer will save you a lot of effort and will prove to be the shortest route to achieving your goals. You will accomplish your goals once and for all. You really will move onward and upward, ( ladders only!) Like a rocket! You begin to make your audio tape by recording a five or ten or fifteen minute relaxation induction that was given to you in the previous chapter. You need a long enough induction to relax you, but not put you to sleep.

England: Margaret, “I can’t believe how simple you’ve made it. I can see that I have never put anything into my right computer before. I have been ignoring it completely. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” USA: Seymour, “We’ve come a long way since we thought we” did our everyday living in one hemisphere and our serious thinking in the other!” USA: Wally, “I know that when Einstein came up with E=MC² he saw it all in pictures in his imagination. He visualized that he was riding on a beam of light at 186,000 miles per second.” Poland: Borshenka, “I had heard that we must visualize before, but I had never equated it to putting a program into our biocomputer, so that we would know what the future looks like for us, so we would know what to do when we get there.”

England: Muffy, “I have been telling myself for ages that i’ll lose weight, but my imagination is not yet under control. I keep buying Twinkies and Snickers when I think no one’s looking. I have a program that says, ‘if no one sees me, it doesn’t count’!” USA: Corry, “By regular use of visualization I literally doubled my income the first week I started using it. I haven’t looked back since.” USA: Christine, “You have to keep practising with your own biocomputer to find out what works for you. I have to confess loud pop music puts me in the right mode for visualization.”

USA: Ollie, “At times i’ve used visualization accidentally and got fabulous results. What i’ve got to do now is get the faculty under control.” USA: marylynn, “I have found it’s best if my friend takes me down and then takes me through my visualization. Then I do the same for her.” USA: Homer, “I’m a builder and often when I get stuck, I visualize the project finished, then very quickly, I come up with an idea. I don’t understand why I have never used it in other areas of my life.” Australia: Bert, “By visualizing, some of the Eurekas! That you get are outstanding. It pays to put the idea into practice as soon as practically possible because that’s what kicks the biocomputer into work quicker next time.”

Last word

USA: Nancy, “By using this method of programming I have actually been able to pinpoint my self-destruct mechanism. I always thought I was selfdestructing because I thought other people would be jealous of my success. I always thought I was selfdestructing because I thought I’d leave my friends behind and not have any. The real reason why I self destruct every time is because I could not see myself as a success or living in luxury. Now I can! I think you have to be very careful about what other people say about their programs because they mayor may not apply to you. It’s very easy to say ‘Wow! Yes, that’s why I self-destruct’ and really it isn’t. Do you know what I mean?” USA: Paul, “The inner projection gives you the outer reality.


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