Tech trends that will change our lifestyle in 2022

Tech trends that will change our lifestyle in 2022

World is changing, therefore our lifestyle is entirely transformed. We will go through the trends that are emerging in 2022 and those will change our lives for sure.

Being more professional

LinkedIN is getting more interest from internet users because everyone wants to search for remote work. After the pandemic hit, people tended to stay at home more than before. That’s why there is a big interest in LinkedIN currently. You can buy LinkedIN followers to have a good presence on the platforms before outreaching CEOs and business owners for business opportunities.


5G technology has been a hot topic for several years, but in 2021 the topic is gaining momentum: more than 560 million 5G-enabled phones have been shipped worldwide. Qualcomm (QCOM) is considered by experts to be the best choice in this sector. It is a leading manufacturer of chips and a licensor of 5G technologies, which are used in almost every phone.

Next year will be another important year for 5G, as the technology will be used not only in mobile phones, but also in cars, “smart” items for the home, infrastructure and more – all this will benefit Qualcomm. Another giant to look out for in this sector is Apple (AAPL). It depends on Qualcomm for chipsets and 5G technologies under their licensing agreement. However, since the release of the iPhone 5 with 5G support, Apple has quickly become a world leader in the supply of 5G phones, which account for almost a third of all 5G phones in the world.

Digital transformation

The best choice here is Microsoft (MSFT), for which 2021 was a very successful year: stocks jumped by more than 50%, and revenue and profits also continued to grow every quarter. Microsoft’s extensive product portfolio, from software to cloud services and devices, is one of the most comprehensive to meet the needs of companies as they transition to digital technology. Even with rising interest rates, inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Microsoft shares will not continue to rise, analysts say.

The second company that makes sense to watch is Alphabet (tickers GOOG, GOOGLE), which owns Google. Its securities grew by more than 60% last year. And while much of the success of the business can be attributed to huge advertising revenues, Alphabet has seamlessly created a state-of-the-art productivity package that includes Cloud, SaaS (software as a service), business applications, collaboration tools and more. All of this makes Alphabet a great partner for companies looking to accelerate the digital transformation and is likely to help sustain growth in 2022.

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