Simplify Package Tracking with Shopline Tracking Powered by TRACK718

Shopline, a cross-border e-commerce independent SAAS platform, combines digital technologies with the e-commerce industry to offer a comprehensive suite of services. This article will explore the key features of TRACK718‘s Shopline Tracking and how it enhances store management and logistics efficiency.

Efficient Store Management with Multi-Store Binding

With Shopline Tracking, you can easily manage multiple stores simultaneously. By binding all your stores to the platform, you gain the convenience of automatically tracking all orders in one place. Stay organized and save valuable time by effortlessly monitoring and managing your stores’ order flow through Shopline Tracking.

Real-Time Monitoring for Enhanced Logistics Management

Shopline Tracking goes beyond basic package tracking by offering real-time monitoring for enhanced logistics management. Take advantage of the intelligent anomaly monitoring feature, which allows you to set up trajectory anomaly reminders according to your specific requirements. By quickly identifying trajectory anomalies, you can prioritize and address any logistical issues promptly, reducing returns and refunds caused by time constraints.


Shopline Tracking, powered by Track718, empowers global brand sellers with a robust package tracking solution. With efficient store management through multi-store binding, comprehensive package tracking with global carrier support, and real-time monitoring for enhanced logistics management, Shopline Tracking ensures a seamless and streamlined experience. Simplify your package tracking process and optimize your e-commerce business by incorporating Shopline Tracking into your operations today.


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