Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics with Sansure Biotech

With its cutting-edge gene technology, Sansure Biotech, a top provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions, is transforming the molecular diagnostics industry. Sansure, which has its corporate headquarters in Changsha and a new production facility in Shanghai, has become a major player in the market on a global scale. This article explores Sansure Biotech’s ground-breaking technology and service.

Cutting-Edge Core Technologies

Sansure Biotech boasts a portfolio of over 500 products, all developed with internationally leading core technologies. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in products that surpass advanced levels both domestically and internationally. By breaking the monopoly of imports, Sansure is driving the widespread adoption of gene technology across various medical institutions and departments.

Global Impact

Since the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, Sansure Biotech has played a pivotal role in combating the virus. Through the development of nucleic acid detection reagents and rapid detection instruments, Sansure’s SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test has been deployed in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide. This global reach has not only aided in controlling the spread of the virus but has also showcased China’s strength and expertise in epidemic prevention.

Contributions and Philanthropy

Sansure Biotech’s commitment to the well-being of communities extends beyond its business operations. During the pandemic, the company donated nearly 170 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials to domestic and foreign countries. This support helped thousands of laboratories enhance their nucleic acid testing capabilities. Sansure’s philanthropic efforts exemplify its dedication to serving humanity and building a healthy community with a shared future.


With its focus on innovation and service, Sansure Biotech is at the forefront of genetic technology and in vitro diagnostics. The company’s drive to provide affordable and high-quality gene technology, products, and services is transforming the healthcare landscape. Through its global presence and cutting-edge solutions, Sansure Biotech is truly living up to its mission of “Innovating Diagnostics For All.”


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