List of typographical symbols and punctuation

List of Englislt symbols

The following table gives a complete list of the English vowel symbols, together with those consonant ones which require elucidation, with examp


Most combinations of vowel symbols in the present ‘heteric’ spelling have more than one phonetic value in any given accent of English. Some have numerous possible sound values. Following is the list of combinations of vowels:

Using dialogues to help anybody develop their conversation skills is common practice in English. One of the main advantages to using dialogues is that people are given a rubric as a basis on which they can then build. Once they have become comfonable using a dialogue, they can then go on to have related conversations building on their familiarity with the dialogue and the vocabulary specific to the situation. Here are links to various dialogues, which can use in the daily life. Each dialogue is presented in full and focuses on a specific topic.

  1. My friend Rich is coming to town next week. Have you ever met him? B. No, I haven’t. A. He’s kind of crazy, but a great guy. B. Yeah, why do you say so? What’s he like? A. He’s really hard working, but very much a loner. He’s pretty talented and can do just about anything. B. Sounds interesting. Is he married? A. No, he isn’t. B. What does he look like? Maybe my friend Alice would be interested in meeting him. A. He’s tall, slim and quite good looking. I’m sure your friend would find him attractive. What’s she like? B. She’s outgoing and very athletic. A. Really? What sports does she like playing? B. She’s a great tennis player and also goes bicycling a lot. A. What does she look like? B. She’s kind of exotic looking. She’s got long dark hair and piercing black eyes. People think she is rather beautiful. A. Do you think she would like to meet Rich?
  2. Tom, take a look at this! This guy’s won ten million dollars in the lotto! B. What luck! A. What would you do if you won ten million dollars? B. Well, I know wha.t I WOULDN’T do! If! Won so much money, I wouldn’t spend it. I’d put it in the bank! A. You’ve got to be joking! I’d make sure to spend at least the first two’million having a good time and buying things i’ve always wanted. I’d definitely spend a lot of time travelling. B. Use your head! If you spent money like that, you’d soon have spent all your winnings! A. You are so boring! If you were in his shoes, you’d just put money in the bank. B. That’s right. I’m sure I’d eventually start spending some money, but I’d be very careful to make that money last for the rest of my life. A. What use would that be, if you didn’t have any fun? B. Oh, I’d have fun. I’d just be careful about how much fun I’d have. A. I can’t believe you! B. Well you know the saying ‘different strokes for different folks’!
  3. Could you tell me who you work for at the moment? B. I work for Frank and Banowitz importers. A. How long have you worked for them? B. I’ve been working for Frank and Banowitz for the past three years. A. And how long have your been working in the accounting department? B. I’ve been in the accounting department for the past six months. A. You know this job requires a lot of travel. Have you done much travelling for business? B. Yes, the job I had before Frank and Banowitz required me to travel monthly. A. And why did you leave that position? B. I was offered a more interesting positi~n at Frank and Banowitz. A. Have you had any experience in sales? B. Yes, i’ve spent a few years working part-time as an advertising consultant for schools offering summer language courses. A. That’s interesting. How successful have you been? B. The schools i’ve worked for have all had increased registrations as a result of my collaboration. A. Very interesting …

A: You can open a Silver account with just £5. The account comes with a cash card so you can withdraw your money at any time. The Silver account currently pays 5% interest. For the Gold account you need a minimum of £500 and you have to give 14 days notice to withdraw money. The interest rate is 6.5%.

Last word

B: First of all the coach taking us to the hotel broke down and we had to wait for over two hours in the sweltering heat before a replacement arrived. Then when we got to the hotel we found our room hadn’t been cleaned. A: Oh dear, did you complain to the hotel staff? B: Of course, but we were told all the chambermaids were off duty. Anyway, that’s not all. The people in the room above sounded like they were having all-night parties, every night. I demanded another room but the receptionist told me the hotel was full.


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