How to Prevent HPV Infection

Healthy Habits To Prevent HPV Infection

HPV is a common virus that can cause cervical cancer. There are many ways to prevent HPV infection, and some of the most important things you can do include getting vaccinated, using a condom every time you have sex, and staying healthy overall. However, even if you do everything right, there is still a chance you will become infected with HPV. The best way to protect yourself from HPV is to get vaccinated. HPV vaccines are available in both health care clinics and at pharmacies.

If you are not sure whether or not you have been vaccinated against HPV, you can get tested for the virus using a PCR test. This test is very accurate and can tell you if you have ever been infected with HPV or not. PCR tests are also available online, so you can check if you are already infected without having to go to a doctor or clinic. If you are already infected with HPV, there is still a chance that the vaccine could help protect you from developing cervical cancer. However, it is important to know that the vaccine does not always work, so it is important to discuss your options with your doctor.

Do an HPV test

HPV is the virus that causes most cervical cancer, as well as other cancers such as head and neck, anal, penile and vaginal cancer. By getting a HPV PCR test, you can help protect yourself from this serious health condition.

Sansure‘s independently developed high-throughput, One-tube fast release technology for HPV PCR test, which can also be paired with mPOCT (iPonatic), enables a breakthrough in molecular diagnostic technology from hourly (5-6h) change to minute (<30min) levels quickly get result.

This test can detect the presence of HPV in your blood or tissue samples, which means that you can start treatment right away if necessary. If you are not yet infected with HPV but have concerns about your risk of developing cancer due to the virus, now is the time to get tested.

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