What Are Tramadol 50mg tablets?

Tramadol 50mg tablets are sleeping pills that are prescribed to people suffering from insomnia. This medicine e works by reducing sleep onset time and preventing frequent awakening at night. It induces sleep and maintains a sound sleep quality. The use of these tablets is for the short term and must not be continued for a long time as it may have severe effects on the body.

Indication of Tramadol 50mg tablets

The general dose of Tramadol UK tablet is one tablet of 50 mg before going to bed. It must not be crushed or chewed but swallowed with water. These tablets come in the strengths of tramadol 50mg. The tablets of lower dose are usually recommended for people who are above 65 years of age or those who may be suffering from kidney or liver problems. Giving higher doses to such people may increase the chances of some side effects like excessive sleeping, acute weakness, or other difficulties.

The maximum daily dose must not exceed 50 mg. The maximum single dose of this tablet is 1 tablet a day for adults.

Avoid Taking Tramadol 50mg Tablets If:

You are below 18 years

You have ever had an allergic reaction to this medicine

Pregnant or lactating women

You have acute breathing problems

You are struggling with a high dose of alcohol or drug abuse

You are suffering from severe kidney or liver disease

Side Effects Of Tramadol 50mg Tablets:

Every medicine has a certain combination that may not go well with a person’s body sometimes. Similarly, Tramadol UK tablets have some side effects that may be marked as moderate to severe. Down below we have shared the common as well as severe side effects of Tramadol UK tablets.

Common Side Effects Of Tramadol 50mg Tablets

You may feel like having nausea or vomiting

Feeling drowsy may be another common side effect of this medicine

You may have a mild to moderate headache after taking this medicine

Severe side effects

  • You may get like having a metallic taste or bitter taste in your mouth or experience a dry mouth.
  • You may feel drowsy and lazy after taking these medicines

Extreme side effects

Some people also get serious side effects while taking Tramadol UK tablets. Visit or call a doctor immediately if you experience any of the following side effects after taking these tablets:

  • Tend to have a very poor memory
  • If you feel you are hallucinating and seeing or experiencing things that are actually not real
  • Fall over and feel like your body is completely drained out of energy
  • If you become delusional and think things that are actually not true
  • If you experience frequent mood swings, feeling very low, or get into depression
  • Never ignore any of the above-mentioned side effects as they can cause a huge loss to your health and life.

From Where You Can Buy Tramadol UK 50 mg Tablets?

If you are suffering from sleeplessness and have the tendency to frequently wake up at night, you can visit your doctor and they may prescribe you Tramadol 50mg tablets, for your short-term insomnia treatment. These tablets are available in most pharmacies and you can buy them from your nearby areas. If you are looking for Tramadol UK, You can buy them online from us too, where you may also get some discounts. We provide 100% genuine and authentic medicines to your doorstep. Besides, we also provide offline medicines too. The choice is yours!

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