How to Prepare for an IBPS PO Interview? Is it Difficult to Crack the Interview?

How to Prepare for an IBPS PO Interview? Is it Difficult to Crack the Interview?

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts a yearly examination to recruit candidates for the position of Probationary Officer (PO) for several public sector banks. Each candidate must qualify in three stages of the examination to be appointed for the post of PO, which include:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

While the written part of the test – the prelims and mains examination – might be predictable and easier to prepare with the available study material, a lot of candidates get nervous about the interview section. Constant fear and self-doubt haunt candidates, making the final round a bit trickier.

This article offers tips and tricks to help you prepare better for the IBPS PO interview while addressing its difficulty level.

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Tips to Crack IBPS PO Interview

The personal interview round is one of the most critical aspects of the exam. Therefore, here are a few things that every candidate must be aware of before beginning his or her preparation:

  • The interview round for IBPS PO is a difficult challenge.
  • The interview tests a candidate’s personality more than his/her technical knowledge.
  • A candidate’s presence of mind and quick wit are primarily judged through this interview.

Despite the level of difficulty, it is quite possible to crack the exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep helps you in preparing for the IBPS PO exam for all the stages. You can visit website that will guide you on how to prepare for IBPS PO interview.

Interview Process for IBPS PO

The questions for the interview broadly cover general topics and subject-related ones.

General interview questions

Almost every interview begins with a few general sets of questions as ice-breakers. These questions can be further divided into the following categories:

  1. Introduction
  2. Upbringing and location
  3. Interests and hobbies
  4. Strengths and weakness
  5. Future career prospects
  6. Role model or life inspiration

These topics may or may not be further divided into a few follow-up questions, depending on the interest in the interviewee.

 Profile-related questions

Profile-based questions in the interview round are the most subjective questions. In this round, the interviewers mostly try to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s academic background and work experience.

It is crucial that the candidates prepare and revise the subjects learned during their graduation during the span of their job.

 Subject-related interview questions

Subject related questions in the interview round primarily test a candidate’s core knowledge in the banking industry, which includes topics like:

  1. Principles of core banking, related current affairs, and important banking terms
  2. Mutual funds and public sector banks
  3. Reserve Bank of India
  4. Indian financial sector and systems of payments
  5. Monetary policies and policy-makers
  6. Bank KYC (Know Your Customer)
  7. Economy – terms on microeconomics, fiscal policy and national income accounting

The topics mentioned above touch upon a few basic yet significant concepts and terms that every candidate must be familiar with before appearing for the interview.

 How to Crack the IBPS PO Interview

While the questions are subjective and tend to differ on the basis of a candidate’s profile, here are a few tips to help you crack the IBPS PO interview round:

 Key skills for a candidate to hone

  • Honesty
  • Confidence in your knowledge and expertise
  • Clarity of thought
  • Good communication skills

Personality and physical appearance

First impressions count. Therefore, appear for the interview looking prim and proper. This includes wearing an ironed set of formal clothes while wearing only a subtle perfume.

Body language for the interview

  • Your body language is one of the crucial aspects of your personality that reflects your seriousness about the job. Therefore, a candidate should be mindful of:
  • Sitting upright with only slightly leaning towards the front with hands on the table or lap
  • Make eye contact while answering questions with occasional smiles.

Use hand gestures to be more expressive, but don’t overdo.

Basic etiquette

  • The interview panel naturally expects candidates to show some basic etiquette while appearing for the interview, which includes:
  • Asking for permission to enter the interview hall
  • Shaking hands with the panellists and introducing themselves
  • Requesting permission to be seated
  • Offering a copy of their resume and certificates for the panel’s perusal.

The IBPS PO examination is one of the most sought-after exams that attracts applications from across the country. Therefore, it is crucial that candidates prepare for each aspect of the exam with equal fervour and passion. BYJU’s Exam Prep assists candidates with all the updated information on the examination while offering them carefully curated study notes to ace the exam.

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