Commodity Cookery and Contests Extravaganza

Commodity cookery

MAY ONLY ENTER ONE DISH IN EACH COMMODITY (BEEF, SUGAR, SEAFOOD & RICE) Any 4-Her that wishes to participate in the contest is able to register the day of the contest. No preregistration forms are required.Ø  Dishes must be prepared at home and brought to the contest ready for serving.Ø Each dish must be chilled on ice and brought to the contest in an ice chest. No hot dishes will be allowed. Bring only the dish and ice chest to the contest – no placemats, no serving utensils, no flower arrangements, etc.  Two to three servings of the dish should be displayed for the contest in a presentable, disposable container. For example,a clear plastic tray or dish.  Creativity and originality are encouraged. The use of previous winning recipes is discouraged. Only one copy of the recipe is required. Recipe may be neatly hand written or typed. Include contestant’s name, grade and club on back of recipe.  The first place winner in each category will compete at the area contest representing Acadia Parish.

Journey into jobs

Open to all 4-H members.  This contest is held at Commodity Cookery & Contests Extravaganza. Lesson for the Journey to Jobs Contest will be held in October.  Contest Description: Complete application. Interview in a face-to-face interview with judge(s).  All contestants are expected to dress nice and neat to best present themselves to the judges. This contest is designed to expose the 4-Hers to the common job application and interviewing  process.

Open to all 4-H Members  Held at Commodity Cookery and Contests Extravaganza.Contest Description: Individual contestants develop and present prepared speeches on any subject. Speeches may be on any topic, but must be original.  A penalty will be assessed to those speeches that do not adhere to the time limit. The penalty will be three points for each 30 seconds or a portion thereof, above or below the limit. Time limit will be as follows:  Elementary and Junior (3-5 minutes) Senior (5-7 minutes)  Visual aids or props are optional. They do not necessarily add to the overall effectiveness of the speech.  Contestants are expected to research and write their own speeches. Notes may be used if desired. The speech may not be read.

Open to all 4-H members.  There will be a limit to no more than two demonstrations per 4-H member.Members of a team demonstration can be from different clubs. Members can be from a different grade level, but will compete in the oldest team member’s grade division.  All demonstrations and speeches must be prepared and practiced prior to Demonstration Day. A demonstration which was presented for an area and/or state competition may not be presented by the same person or team on Demonstration Day.  There will be one easel and tables in each contest room. 4-h’ers must furnish all other equipment  and supplies. 4-h’ers are responsible for clean-up after each demonstration they present.  All demonstrations must be pre-registered. Any Demonstration not pre-registered will be unable to participate. Entry form found in forms and applications section.  May not compete in same category

Last word

Open to any 4-H member. Must be a team of two 4-h’ers. Must be a method demonstration – not an illustrated lecture. May include livestock and crop production, conservation, wildlife management, marine science, poultry science, agricultural engineering, forestry, horticulture, etc. Examples. Care of lawn equipment, cleaning a saddle, how to plant potatoes, grooming a dog, making an insect collection, etc. Time limit min. Of 5, max.15 minutes. Family and Consumer Science Individual . Open to any 4-H member. Contestants compete as individuals – no teams. Must be a method demonstration – not an illustrated lecture. Subjects may include clothing, family life, family resource management, health, safety, housing, house furnishings, etc. This does not include foods demonstrations. Examples: Cleaning a sewing machine, making play dough, proper way to exercise, making a first aid kit, removing stains, etc. 5. Time limit min. Of 5, max.15 minutes.


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