Australian Government purchasing and procurement

The scale of government purchasing The data points to a comparatively small manufacturing sector and the substantial employment impact of the Australian Government. Over the years the Australian Government has used reductions in staffing numbers as a strategy for meeting its fiscal targets—particularly in 1996. As can be seen in …

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The innovation policy context: vision, plans, and frameworks

Innovation policy objectives To many, innovation is seen as being driven by expenditure on research and development and its commercialization in new products. However, innovation also occurs in services, new business models and new ways of responding to new and changing customer wants and expectations. The above formulation of innovation …

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The role of enabling technologies

Introduction A framework for thinking about the enabling role of ICT in innovation that draws on the foundations of both science and art is represented in Figure 2. For simplicity, the framework does not represent the role and contribution of other enabling technologies in innovation, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and …

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