Why Do Industrial Sewing Machines Need to be More Powerful

When you first use an industrial sewing machine, it can be a little intimidating. Yet, these machines are a great option for industrial projects and manufacturing facilities due to their strength and hard wearing nature. Car upholstery, medical supplies, and other products made of leather all greatly benefit from the use of industrial sewing machines (face masks, PPE kits, etc) These are just a few of the reasons why industrial sewing machines are routinely found in all areas of manufacturing.

If you are in the market for an Industrial sewing machine there are a number of different options. However, it might be challenging to pick the best one for your company. In general, these machines are built to last and are made to handle the demands of large-scale sewing operations. They will usually weigh a bit more than their domestic counterparts, however this is a benefit due to the nature of the working environment. So, to help ensure you get the industrial sewing machine that is best suited to your personal requirements let’s have a look at some of the things you need to take into account.

Industrial Sewing Machines are Extremely Hard Wearing

Durability is an essential requirement of any machine as it will need to withstand long-term pressure of constant use. A domestic sewing machine and an industrial sewing machine while alike are actually very different. An industrial machine is specifically designed to resist the harsh conditions of a manufacturing facility and as such can be used for heavy-duty operations. Compared to normal sewing machines, industrial sewing machines are often bigger, heavier, and more powerful. This is due to the fact that they must accommodate production lines with high output requirements.

Durability is a key component of an industrial sewing machine because it has to stand the rigours of a long working day. Where a domestic machine may be used on average for around an hour, an industrial machine could be operating for anything up to 10 hours a day. If an industrial machine continually malfunctions it is not only inconvenient but can cost your business money. For this reason it is imperative that any industrial sewing machine should be not only efficient but also hard wearing.

Industrial Sewing Machines Should be Able to Work Effectively On Heavy duty Materials

While working with heavy materials like denim, industrial stitching skills with strong endurance are required. This is why in the majority of cases domestic machines are completely unsuitable for use in a commercial setting.  Due to their endurance capabilities and strength, commercial machines make it simple to work on bulky materials without the need for routine maintenance. To prevent causing harm to the equipment, make sure you are using the proper materials and accessories. The component and needle are designed to easily withstand extended operating hours.

They Contain Safety Features Not Found on Domestic Machines

Because of the environment in which they are used it is imperative that safe working procedures are observed at all times. Industrial sewing machines are significantly more powerful than domestic machines and as such require care during use to avoid accidents and injury to the user.

This is why Industrial Sewing machines have a number of safety features not found on domestic applications. These devices reduce the possibility of accidents and always keep the worker safe. The safety features they contain allow machinists to undertake highly specialised jobs to a high quality and in complete safety. They also give the user the ability to precisely emphasis inventiveness.

Hopefully the information contained in this short article will have provided readers with a greater insight into the make up of an industrial sewing machine and why there is a need for the extra power they have.

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