What is a Super Capacitor? How It Works, What are Benefits

What is a Super Capacitor? How It Works, What are Benefits

Super capacitor refers to a new energy storage device between traditional capacitors and rechargeable batteries. It not only has the characteristics of fast charging and discharging of capacitors but also has the energy storage characteristics of batteries. This article will discuss what a super capacitor is, how it works, what we can know about the super capacitor price, and the benefits it can bring to your life.

Introduction to Super Capacitor

Supercapacitors are novel devices that store energy through an interfacial double layer formed between electrodes and electrolytes. In this article, we will discuss what super capacitors are and how they work. We will also examine some of their benefits and see if they are worth using in your next electronic project.

Benefits of the super capacitor

Compared with batteries and traditional physical capacitors, the characteristics of supercapacitors are mainly reflected in:

  1. High power density.
  2. Long cycle life.
  3. Wide working temperature limit. Since the adsorption and desorption rates of ions in supercapacitors do not change much at low temperatures, their capacity changes are much smaller than those of batteries.
  4. Maintenance-free. Supercapacitors have high charge and discharge efficiency, have a certain ability to withstand overcharge and over-discharge, can be repeatedly charged and discharged stably, and theoretically do not require maintenance.
  5. Green environmental protection. Super capacitors do not use heavy metals and other harmful chemicals in production and have a long service life, so they are a new type of green power source.

What can we know about the super capacitor price?

About super capacitor price, it depends on the capacity. The super capacitor price is different according to the capacity. At present, the general models and specifications are very cost-effective in China. If you are considering buying it, don’t hesitate to contact Beryl, who has more than 18 years of experience and provides cost-effective products. If you want to know more about super capacitors, pls contact Beryl to learn more details.

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