Unlock the Convenience of Car Rooftop Baskets with NewStar

When space inside our vehicles becomes limited, finding ways to carry our gear and supplies can be a challenge. NewStar, a trusted car rooftop basket supplier in the United States, offers a solution that not only frees up space inside your car but also provides a secure and convenient way to transport your essentials.

Large Storage Capacity for All Your Needs

One of the standout features of NewStar’s car rooftop baskets is their impressive storage capacity. Able to hold up to 150 pounds, these baskets are the perfect choice for carrying camping gear, luggage, firewood, and more. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend camping trip or need to transport items for a move, NewStar‘s car rooftop baskets have the capacity to handle it.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Use

When it comes to durability, NewStar’s car rooftop baskets are built to last.   Constructed from heavy-duty steel and coated with a black powder finish, these baskets are designed to withstand the rigors of the road. The coating resists weather elements and corrosion, ensuring that your cargo basket will last for several years.   In addition, the bottom metal bars and side rails provide extra security, keeping your items securely in place during travel.


In conclusion, NewStar’s car rooftop baskets are the perfect solution for those looking to free up space inside their vehicles and transport items securely. With a large storage capacity and durable construction, these baskets can handle all your needs – from camping gear to moving supplies. Plus, the added security features ensure that your items stay safe during travel. Don’t let limited space hold you back – unlock the convenience of car rooftop baskets with NewStar today!

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