Unleashing the Power of Advanced Diagnostics for TOYOTA Series Vehicles

In the realm of automotive diagnostics, having a reliable and efficient scanner is crucial. Autophix proudly presents the Autophix 9360, a professional diagnostic tool designed specifically for TOYOTA series vehicles. With its comprehensive support for all OBDII protocols, including CAN, J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000, as well as Toyota diagnostic protocols, the Autophix 9360 offers unrivaled capabilities for accurate and detailed vehicle diagnostics.

Unveiling Autophix 9360: The Choice for TOYOTA Series Vehicles

The Autophix 9360 sets a new standard in professional scanning tools, providing Toyota owners and businesses with the ultimate diagnostic companion. Designed exclusively for TOYOTA series vehicles, this scanner ensures compatibility and reliability like no other tool on the market.

Comprehensive Support for OBDII and Toyota Protocols

One of the standout features of the Autophix 9360 is its compatibility with all OBDII protocols, including CAN, J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000. Additionally, it supports Toyota-specific diagnostic protocols, ensuring precise and accurate readings for TOYOTA series vehicles. This broad compatibility makes the Autophix 9360 a versatile tool suitable for various vehicle models and years.

Works on Most After 1996 OBDII Compliant Vehicles

The Autophix 9360 is designed to cater to a wide range of customers, including those with US, European, and Asian vehicles. Its compatibility with OBDII compliant vehicles manufactured after 1996 allows businesses and enthusiasts to use this tool across various makes and models. Whether you own a TOYOTA, Ford, BMW, or Honda, the Autophix 9360 has got you covered.


The Autophix 9360 redefines what it means to have a professional-grade scanner for TOYOTA series vehicles. With its comprehensive support for OBDII and Toyota protocols, compatibility with after 1996 OBDII compliant vehicles, and advanced features, this tool sets a new standard in vehicle diagnostics. Whether you’re a professional technician or an avid TOYOTA enthusiast, the Autophix 9360 is the ultimate companion for precise and accurate diagnostics. Experience the future of automotive diagnostics with Autophix 9360 and unlock the full potential of your TOYOTA series vehicle.


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