The Importance Of Chassis Mount Resistors

The Importance Of Chassis Mount Resistors

A blog article about how a chassis mount resistor is important for car electronics. Explains the why and how of a chassis mount resistor, and its benefits.

What are chassis mount resistors?

A chassis mount resistor is a fixed-value resistor, meaning that its resistance is fixed at a certain value and cannot be adjusted. Resistors mounted on the chassis are crucial parts since they aid in preventing damage to other circuit components.

How do chassis mount resistors work?

Typically, chassis mount resistors use a wire-wound design (a wire wrapped around a core of non-conductive material to attenuate or limit current flow) and an aluminum metal housing that is thermally conductive. They can also be equipped with fire-resistant construction or corrugated ribbon elements for rapid cooling.

Importance of Chassis Mount Resistors

The casing of the chassis-mounted resistor is made of aluminum alloy (gold aluminum shell), with heat dissipation grooves on the surface, small size, high power, high temperature resistance, strong overload capacity, weather resistance, high precision, standard low induction resistance, high stability, The cha high-temperature strong structure are conducive to mechanical protection and easy installation and use. It can be used in large electrical and production machinery, motor start or stop cycle equipment discharge, load test simulation and dynamic braking

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Chassis Mount Resistor

When selecting a chassis mount resistor, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, the resistance must be high enough to handle the current draw of the component it is protecting. Second, the resistance must be heat tolerant so that it can withstand high temperatures. Third, the resistor should have a low noise level so that it will not produce interference with other electronic components. Finally, the resistor should be easy to install and maintain.


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