The BENY DC Fast Charging Stations: A Wall-Mounted DC Charger that Supports Multiple Standards and Models

If you are looking for a fast, efficient, and reliable way to charge your electric car, you might want to consider the EVB‘s BENY DC fast charging stations, a new product from EVB that offers a high-performance and user-friendly charging solution.

BENY DC Fast Charging Stations: High-Power Wall-Mounted DC Chargers

The BENY DC Fast Charging Stations are wall-mounted DC chargers that can deliver a high power output from 20 kW to 40 kW, depending on the model. The chargers have a single charging outlet that supports CCS1, CCS2, or GBT standards, and can charge most electric car models in a short time. The chargers also have a 5-meter long cable that can easily reach your car, and a bottom inlet wiring and up outlet wiring that can fit any installation scenario.

One of the main features of the BENY DC Fast Charging Stations is their 9.1-inch LCD screen, which displays the charging status, current, voltage, power, energy, cost, and other information. The screen also allows you to interact with the charger using the touch function, and customize the charging settings and preferences. The charger also has a LED light that indicates the charging mode and the connection status.

The BENY DC Fast Charging Stations are a great choice for anyone who owns an electric car and wants to have a fast and hassle-free charging experience. The chargers are compatible with most electric car models, and can be used in various locations and scenarios. The chargers are also affordable and easy to install, and come with a user manual and a warranty card.


The BENY DC Fast Charging Stations are a product that combines speed, efficiency, and reliability. It is a product that can make your electric car driving more convenient and eco-friendly. It is a product that you will love and appreciate. Don’t miss this opportunity and get your BENY DC Fast Charging Stations today!


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