Soda Filling Machine: A Simple Way To Fill Soda Bottles

Soda Filling Machine: A Simple Way To Fill Soda Bottles

Soda filling machines fill soft drinks like coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc. The machine uses a piston to push the liquid into the bottle cap. The process is usually done in a continuous or batch mode. However, mold can grow and contaminate the product if the machine is not operated properly. This can harm both the sales and image of the soda producer. To combat this, Tech-Long offers customized soda filling machines that improve productivity and protect the product from contamination.

What is the Soda Filling Machine?

A soda filling machine is a machine that pressurizes carbonated water and then feeds it into the soda bottle through a tube. This method of filling soda bottles has been around for years and is still one of the most popular. The main advantage of a filling machine is that it eliminates the need to use your hands. Additionally, this method is faster than hand-filling and can be done much more efficiently.

How to Use the Soda Filling Machine?

The filling process is complex and may differ based on your equipment setup. In general, the hot filling can be divided into four main steps, including:

Heating the substance

Placing the fluid into different containers

Sealing the containers

Cooling the beverage

The first step is heating the beverage up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 15 seconds. This stage removes the harmful microorganisms from the products, preventing bacterial development.

During the second step, the hot fluid is properly filled into containers of different sizes or shapes.

The bottle containers will be capped firmly and sterilized in the next stage. Here, the temperature is maintained at around 82-85 degrees Celsius for roughly three minutes. When the packaging is completed, the bottles usually go through a cooling tunnel to minimize the thermal degradation of the drinks. Ultimately, the containers are collected and stored for shipment.

Benefits of the Soda Filling Machine

  1. Consistency and reliability

By using Soda filling machines, uncertainties are out of the picture. For example, containers are filled according to the required volume of product. In addition, a properly maintained filling machine ensures that the containers are aseptic and free of harmful bacteria.

  1. Versatility and ease to use

The filling machine is highly customizable and offers many solutions. Depending on the differences in product viscosity, the filling machine can have different setups handling all containers shape. Ultimately, filling machinery has a simple operator interface. Operators select the time and volume of product required for completing each cycle. For most solutions, physical adjustments during production are minimal.


Soda filling machines offer one-stop solutions to bring small and large businesses’ production to its highest performance. Founded in 1998, Tech-Long Packaging Machinery has two decades of experience manufacturing personalized solutions for industrial production. Among these solutions, we offer water treatment and beverage pre-treatment systems, filling machines series, blowing-filling-capping series, labeling series, conveying series, and secondary packaging equipment. With us, your product and business are safe to generate revenue. Contact us to explore potential partnership opportunities.

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