Reliable Security and Hassle-Free Recording with ieGeek Wireless Battery CCTV Camera

Wireless battery CCTV cameras have changed home security with their convenience and effectiveness. Among the top options in the market, the ieGeek wireless battery cctv camera stands out. With its remarkable features like 2K Quad HD resolution, 50ft color night vision, free 7 days loop recording, and a 730 days warranty, this camera provides reliable security and hassle-free recording for your peace of mind.

Reliable Security

2K Quad HD Resolution

The ieGeek wireless battery cctv camera boasts a 2K Quad HD resolution, ensuring crystal-clear images and videos. With superior video quality, you can monitor your property with confidence, capturing every detail for accurate security surveillance. ieGeek understands the importance of sharp imagery for effective monitoring and identification.

50ft Color Night Vision

Equipped with 2-in-1 dual light source lights, the ieGeek camera offers impressive 50ft color night vision. Even in low-light conditions, you can rely on this camera to provide high-definition color images and videos. Its ability to switch between different night vision modes ensures optimal surveillance coverage day and night, enhancing your security around the clock.

Hassle-Free Recording and Warranty

Free 7 Days Loop Recording

The ieGeek wireless battery cctv camera comes with a convenient free 7 days loop recording feature. You can save recorded videos to an SD card (up to 128G) or utilize the free lifetime cloud storage service. This continuous recording ensures uninterrupted monitoring and allows you to access and review footage whenever needed.

730 Days Warranty

ieGeek offers a generous 730 days warranty for the wireless battery CCTV camera. They prioritize customer satisfaction and stand behind the reliability of their product. In case any issues arise during the usage, ieGeek is ready to provide prompt and satisfactory solutions. This warranty ensures a worry-free experience and demonstrates their commitment to customer support.


With the ieGeek wireless battery cctv camera, you can enjoy reliable security and hassle-free recording. Its 2K Quad HD resolution guarantees clear and detailed images, while the 50ft color night vision ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. The free 7 days loop recording feature allows continuous monitoring, and the 730 days warranty provides peace of mind. Invest in the ieGeek Wireless Battery CCTV Camera for superior home security.

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