QMY HD-3: A Trailblazing All-Terrain Electric Scooter for Unforgettable Adventures

Embark on exhilarating journeys with the QMY HD-3, an extraordinary all terrain electric scooter that redefines the boundaries of exploration. From rugged terrains to city streets, this exceptional vehicle combines power, convenience, and a sleek design to provide an unforgettable riding experience. Discover the remarkable features that make the QMY HD-3 the perfect companion for adventure seekers.

Extraordinary Performance and Versatility

QMY HD-3 is equipped with an 800W powerful brushless motor. Conquer challenging slopes with confidence as its robust motor effortlessly scales 25% inclines. With a top speed of 45km/h (28mph), this all-terrain electric scooter ensures thrilling rides, whether you’re navigating gravel trails or cruising through urban landscapes. The 8.5-inch big tires, crafted from strapping materials, provide superior traction and stability, allowing you to overcome obstacles with ease.

Unrivaled Design and Convenience

Experience unparalleled convenience with the QMY HD-3’s one-button folding mechanism. This feature enables effortless transportation and storage, making it ideal for commuting or exploring new destinations. Simply fold the scooter with ease and keep it in your trunk, take it on public transportation, or store it in tight spaces. The QMY HD-3 boasts an integrated handlebar design, ensuring a comfortable grip while adding a touch of elegance. Its waterproof and sweat-proof construction, along with the absence of exposed lines, emphasize both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Safety and Control

Prioritizing rider safety, the QMY HD-3 is equipped with a dual protection brake system. The electronic handbrake, combined with the rear wheel E-ABS electronic footbrake, ensures reliable and responsive stopping power. A gentle squeeze on the brake handle or a light step on the footbrake activates a chain reaction, swiftly cutting off power to the rear wheel motor and initiating a controlled and stable braking experience. Enjoy peace of mind as users navigate tricky terrains, knowing that safety is safeguarded.


The QMY HD-3 is an impeccable all-terrain electric scooter that excels in performance, convenience, and safety. With its powerful motor, durable design, and versatile features like one-button folding, this scooter effortlessly adapts to various environments, from off-road adventures to urban commutes. Embrace the freedom of exploration and elevate riding experience with the QMY HD-3—all while leaving a positive impact on the environment. Prepare to embark on thrilling journeys, conquer new horizons, and create unforgettable memories with the QMY HD-3, the ultimate trailblazer of all-terrain electric scooters.

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