Providing Customized Solutions with Miniature DC Motors and Gearheads

INEED Motors is a trusted brand that specializes in providing customized solutions for various applications. Whether it’s utilizing brushless DC motors or brushed DC motors, with in-core or coreless motor designs, or adding encoders for position sensing or feedback, INEED Motors offers the perfect solutions to meet specific requirements. In combination with our micro DC motors, we offer three popular types of gearheads on the market: spur gearheads, planetary gearheads, and worm gearheads. These compact and cost-effective gearheads are suitable for OEM applications, delivering endless possibilities for your innovative designs.

 Spur Gearheads: Simplicity and Efficiency

Spur gearheads offered by INEED Motors provide simplicity and efficiency. With their straightforward design, spur gearheads offer reliable torque transmission and smooth operation. These gearheads are ideal for applications that require compactness, cost-effectiveness, and moderate torque requirements. INEED Motors combines spur gearheads with miniature DC motors to provide tailored solutions that perfectly match your specific needs.

Planetary Gearheads: Precision and Power

INEED Motors’ planetary gearheads offer precision and power for demanding applications. These gearheads feature multiple gear stages that distribute the load and provide high torque output. The planetary gear system ensures smooth and accurate motion control, making them suitable for applications that require precise positioning, high torque, and compact size. INEED Motors integrates planetary gearheads with miniature DC motors to deliver high-performance solutions tailored to your requirements.

Worm Gearheads: Versatility and Durability

INEED Motors’ worm gearheads offer versatility and durability in a compact package. Worm gearheads excel in applications that require high reduction ratios and self-locking capabilities. Their design provides smooth and quiet operation, making them suitable for applications where low noise and vibration are critical. These gearheads, combined with miniature DC motors, offer excellent efficiency and reliability, meeting the demands of various industries.


INEED Motors is your trusted partner for customized solutions in the world of miniature DC motors and gearheads. With our expertise in brushless and brushed DC motors, in-core and coreless motor designs, and the addition of encoders for position sensing or feedback, we can create tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our range of gearheads, including spur gearheads, planetary gearheads, and worm gearheads, in combination with our micro DC motors, provides endless possibilities for your applications. Trust INEED Motors to deliver carefully crafted solutions that seamlessly integrate with your imagination and design, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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