How a Mobile Device is Transforming the Way Physicians Handle Healthcare

Many of us are familiar with the intelligent terminal device, which assists us in finding specific things at a grocery shop. But did you know that doctors utilize it to help manage healthcare? A new mobile medical data terminal gadget developed explicitly for hospitals, and clinics has hit the market. It is a handheld PDA device that can be placed at the patient’s bedside or on their wrist, allowing medical workers to scan information about patients or other things swiftly. It also provides them with access to critical information via an integrated display. Watch how this new technology could transform the way hospitals operate!

Introduction of medical handheld PDA

The medical handheld PDA is a tiny, portable gadget with a display and scanning camera that allows the doctor to enter data into the device soon. This data can then be forwarded to other doctors or healthcare practitioners for review. The doctor can also use the handheld device to take images and videos of patients.

Medical handheld PDA recommendation

UROVO’s i6310H medical mobile data terminal is customized for medical workers, has a lightweight design, and can be controlled with one hand, allowing medical professionals to travel more simply between wards and nursing stations. To assist medical professionals in acquiring diverse barcode data of patients and pharmaceuticals more efficiently, an international professional scanning engine with millisecond scanning speed and high accuracy is used.

What should you anticipate from UROVO?

UROVO, founded in 2006, is focused on providing mobile applications. Its subsidiaries employ over 1300 people and operate in over 100 countries and areas. The company specializes in the design, R&D, manufacturing, and selling intelligent data terminals, payment terminals, and customized printers. It is one of the pioneering organizations in China to focus on the research and development of industry mobile application products. UROVO offers innovative terminal-based digital solutions to customers in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other industries.


Digital healthcare technologies are changing the way doctors oversee patients’ treatment. This technology facilitates doctors’ access to information, patient communication, and diagnosis. Furthermore, intelligent handheld PDAs help patients track their medical records and stay updated about their health.

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