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Ready to wear gorgeous ikat blouse design collection for Cotton sarees.

You need to try these beautiful ikat blouses if you love to wear and style cotton sarees. Just give a little break to your other embroidery blouses and try these ikat blouses for that fashionista look. Designer Blouse is equally important in women’s life like a saree or any other dress . Mix and match these delightful blurred patterns with awesome colours with any saree in your wardrobe. All the ikat blouses are made up of pure ikat fabric and it’s handmade also. The dye and some unique back and neck cut is also added for that trendy look.

Ikat fabric

Ikat blouses are specially made for womens who want comfort as well as style in one outfit and ikat is just like that very simple with blurred patterns and beautiful prints as well. There are different types of neck designs also like “v” neck , round neck, collar neck, turtle neck and sweetheart neck also. The colours used in the process are very bold and nude colours also like red,blue,pink, black, orange, white,green, golden and more .

Butterfly sleeves trendy and gorgeous ikat blouse design

In fashion butterfly sleeves ikat blouse. The combination of black with blurred prints will enhance your saree at a great level. Butterfly sleeves with “v” neck and white prints all over the blouse. These types of blouses are perfect for Summers and for daily wear also. You can also wear this as a crop top on any baggy jeans with a shrug and get a perfect model and trendy look. Mix and match this saree blouse with gold plated chains, some small earrings and bangles for that traditional look . Any floral print gorgeous saree would be the best match just pick up any from your wardrobe . Very comfortable with cotton lining and will give you a perfect vibe of ethnic.

Backless bold black simple blouse with some prints of ikat blouse

Delightful ikat blouse for a classy festive look ! The readymade blouse has been made with pure ikat fabric in town. Get dressed to feel like a model in this unique designer blouse. If we talk about the work then it has unique blurred green, white and yellow prints which is very classy and will give you an extremely beautiful look. The back is fully opened with one lace to hold the whole blouse and for a formal look. Half sleeves for a decent and comfortable outfit. Just pick any stylish dyed saree from your wardrobe and match with some jewelleries and bangles. Perfect for festivals and occasions.

Elegant butterfly sleeves trendy in fashion ikat blouse design

Complicated patterns with blurred designs in fashion butterfly ikat blouse design. Look at the beautiful pinkish colour with white and brown blurred prints all over the blouse! very stylish and can be worn as a top also on jeans. If you have any simple lehenga with embroidery work then this simple blouse will be the perfect blouse for it and will give you a fashionable look. The neck area is of round type which is very formal and trendy. Pair this with any floral print saree of Georgette or cotton and some lightweight jewelleries.

Alluring sleeveless comfortable ikat blouse design

If you love wearing western clothes and you have to attend any Indian function and you are confused what to wear in that and you are searching for any blouse that looks both western and as well as ethnic , then this sleeveless blouse is for you only, very simple with elegance of beauty and fashion. This blouse has heartbeat rays of orange and white blurred prints. The neck is of round shape for a formal look . Mix and match this gorgeous blouse with simple black saree as shown in above image or any floral print saree of your own choice. You can also add up some small earrings and jewellers for a decent and perfect look.


Very stylish and fashionable ikat blouses for that extraordinary gorgeous and perfect picture look. All the blouses are very comfortable and made up of pure ikat fabrics and some unique prints as well. You can match these blouses with any saree in your wardrobe or with any simple lehenga you have. These blouses are specially made for daily wear but you can also wear this in any special occasion or any party because these blouses are super cool . Add up with some jewelleries and bangles of your choice for a perfect traditional look.

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