Experience Enhanced Night Vision with HIKMICRO’s CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope

HIKMICRO, a trusted name in thermal imaging solutions, introduces the CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope, a powerful attachment that transforms darkness into clear visibility. With improved software and user-friendly features, this night vision scope offers exceptional performance in low-light conditions. In this article, we will explore the advantages of the CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope, highlighting its multiple modes, built-in capabilities, and additional benefits.

Versatile Modes and Defog Function

The CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope Attachment by HIKMICRO provides users with multiple modes to adapt to various situations. Whether it’s hunting, surveillance, or nighttime exploration, they can switch between different modes to optimize their viewing experience. Additionally, the scope incorporates a special defog mode, enhancing visibility in foggy or misty environments, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view.

Built-in Adjustable IR Emitter and Laser Rangefinder

Equipped with a built-in adjustable IR emitter, the CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope enables users to illuminate their surroundings for enhanced night vision capabilities. This feature ensures clear imaging in complete darkness, expanding the scope of night-time activities. Furthermore, the integrated laser rangefinder adds an additional layer of functionality, allowing users to measure distances accurately, enhancing their situational awareness.

Additional Advantages for Optimal Performance

The CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope offers several other advantages that contribute to its exceptional performance. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the scope is well-suited for outdoor adventures, providing durability and reliability in challenging weather conditions. The inclusion of audio recording capabilities allows users to capture not only visual but also auditory information during their nighttime excursions. Moreover, the recoil-activation recording feature ensures that users never miss a moment by automatically initiating recording when the scope detects recoil. Lastly, the scope operates effectively in a wide range of temperatures, with an operating range of -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F), making it suitable for diverse environments.


HIKMICRO’s CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope Attachment is the ultimate night vision attachment, offering improved visibility and usability in low-light conditions. With versatile modes and a defog function, users can adapt to different scenarios with ease. The built-in adjustable IR emitter and laser rangefinder enhance night vision capabilities and provide accurate distance measurements. Additional advantages such as waterproofing, audio recording, recoil-activation recording, and wide temperature operating range make the CHEETAH Night Vision Scope a reliable companion for nighttime activities. Choose HIKMICRO’s CHEETAH Digital Night Vision Scope Attachment for superior night vision performance and unlock a new level of visibility in the dark.


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