Enhancing Performance and Minimizing Downtime With Techking OTR Tyre

Techking is a reputable tire supplier that maximizes outstanding performance in vehicle tires for heavy equipment and mining sites. Their OTR Tyre designs feature cutting-edge features and creative construction to increase load capacity, strengthen the body structure and reduce the risk of damage. The ETNT is a product in their OTR Tyres range, which classic demonstrates the excellent performance of their tyres.

Higher Load Capacity and Inflation Pressure

Techking’s ETNT feature a +6% extra steel cords design, providing enhanced strength and load-bearing capacity. This feature allows the tyre to withstand heavy loads and maintain stability, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments. And with a +14% wider metallic bead bundle, Techking’s ETNT offer enhanced load capacity and improved stability. This design feature enables the tyre to securely hold the rim, preventing slippage and ensuring optimal performance during heavy-duty operations.Techking’s ETNT are designed to maintain optimal inflation pressure. This ensures even weight distribution and maximizes the tyre’s footprint on the ground, resulting in improved traction, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

Minimized Downtime

Techking’s ETNT boast a +20% belt structural strength, ensuring enhanced reliability and longevity. This feature minimizes the risk of belt-related failures, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.With a +20% load capacity, Techking’s OTR Tyres enable more efficient operations by allowing heavier loads to be carried. This results in fewer trips and increased productivity, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.Whatmore, Techking’s ETNT feature a -60% sidewall deflection design, significantly reducing the risk of sidewall damage. This enhances the tyre’s resistance to impacts and cuts, resulting in improved performance and reduced downtime.


Techking’s ETNT empowers performance and minimizes downtime with its higher load capacity, stronger carcass structure, and advanced design features. These tyres are engineered to withstand demanding environments, ensuring reliability, durability, and efficiency for heavy-duty equipment. Trust Techking’s OTR Tyre to enhance performance and productivity in the toughest conditions.

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