Digital transformation is inevitable – Big business trends for 2022

Digital transformation has changed the relationship between brand and customer. Many solutions have gained space to meet the new needs of a contemporary society in search of quality of life. In addition to an evident technological advance in several sectors, the market has reinvented itself to adapt to a more dynamic reality. See which are the most promising business bets for 2022.

Subscription systems

According to a survey in 2021 alone, the subscription market moved more than 10 billion, and in the first quarter of 2022, the number of new subscribers grew 32% over the same period. period of the previous year. Subscriptions also means that brands should switch to the market where people trust the influencer more. Let’s say collaborating with a Twitch influencer. They have a big subscription list of people who are ready to watch him/her streaming anytime, anywhere. So, you can collaborate with the Twitch influencer. Buy Twitch viewers during the stream and let them have an honest review. After the first campaign, you’ll understand that Twitch-type of followers will be perfect users in the subscriptions system.

Data Security

According to a survey conducted by PwC Digital Trust Insights 2022 with 3,600 business executives, approximately 83% of business organizations are expected to increase investment in cybersecurity in the next year. In this scenario, cloud technology will also gain more and more space.

Customer is the first thing!

E-commerce has gained strength in recent years and social networks have become an important sales channel. Another trend for 2022 is the accelerated growth of outbound sales, those that prioritize a consultative service, in which professionals have the mission to understand the pain of clients and the needs they have, in order to make assertive connections. Due to the pandemic, many companies were forced to migrate their stores to the online world, and the need to innovate with products and positively impact the user experience was inevitable. And ARCommerce is proof of that. Through the cell phone, it is possible to visualize in full size the product you would like to purchase and even check if that sofa will fit or match your living room.

Collaborative robots

With the famous cobots in place, they can easily take on repetitive, dirty or dangerous tasks. Thus, human labor can occupy functions that are really important and strategic.

5G Technology

will bring the possibility of new business in the industry with the speed and capacity of transmitting high masses of data.

Autonomous markets in commercial condominiums

Autonomous markets gained strength during the pandemic period and continue to be a trend in 2022. With the return of the face-to-face routine next year, many shopping centers have bet on this type of business to offer more convenience to employees.

Anti-fraud solution

With the increasing use of electronic commerce, cyber criminals have also started to target this market with more intensity. In order not to have losses with fraudulent purchases, shopkeepers had to look for solutions that would act to prevent the action of the scammers.

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