Conquering the Roads: Techking’s TKDH II U On-Road Tire and the Road-Ready Innovations

For those seeking a tire that seamlessly blends performance and durability on the road, Techking introduces the TKDH II U – a tire designed to tackle the diverse challenges of on-road travel. Whether you’re navigating city streets, suburban roads, or highways, this tire embodies Techking’s commitment to innovation. In this article, we explore two key features – the Cooling Groove Design and the Big Foot Design – that make the on-road tire the ideal companion for on-road adventures.

Keeping it Cool with Cooling Groove Design

On-road tires face the constant challenge of heat generation, especially during extended journeys. The TKDH II U addresses this concern with its innovative Cooling Groove Design. These grooves are strategically engineered to decrease heat generation, ensuring that the tire remains cool and composed even during prolonged travel. This not only enhances the tire’s overall lifespan but also contributes to improved safety and performance on the road. With the TKDH II U, Techking takes the concept of cool, confident driving to a whole new level.

Big Foot Design for Superior Wearing Resistance

Wearing resistance is a critical factor in the longevity of on-road tires. Techking’s TKDH II U introduces the Big Foot Design, a feature that goes beyond the conventional. This design provides a larger surface area for the tire to grip the road, resulting in superior wearing resistance performance. Whether you encounter diverse road conditions or face the challenges of daily commuting, the Big Foot Design ensures that the TKDH II U remains robust and reliable, mile after mile.


Techking’s TKDH II U on-road tire is not just a tire; it’s a statement of road-ready excellence. The Cooling Groove Design and Big Foot Design are more than features; they are innovations that redefine on-road performance. As drivers embark on their journeys, the TKDH II U ensures a smooth and cool ride, backed by the durability of the Big Foot Design. For those seeking a tire that conquers the roads with style and substance, Techking’s TKDH II U stands tall, symbolizing a new era of on-road tire technology.


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