Best and Easy Haldi Decoration At Home

Who remembers the iconic Haldi scene in Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani? A sunny day in December, friends and family showering you with love and Kabira playing in the background. That’s what wedding dreams are made of. The Haldi ceremony combines all the Bollywood fun one could ask for. It is the most party-worthy affair at any wedding. And why not? There’s music, good food and lots of colours to be seen. It is often an intimate affair with just friends, family, food and phenomenal music. Despite the small scale of the event, organizing it can be quite stressful. You have to keep in mind a DJ, photographers, food, outfits, seating and so much more! This is why we have a comprehensive Haldi checklist to help you plan this event. The most important section of planning for your Haldi ceremony however is the decor. The decor takes an even more significant role when you are holding the Haldi ceremony at home. An insta-worthy backdrop is a must after all! So if you are looking for the best and easy Haldi decoration at home, you have come to the right place. We at Styl Inc are your resident wedding experts, so it makes sense that you get a couple of ideas from us!

Top Ideas For Haldi Decoration At Home

As Indians, we like our weddings to be grand. There is a reason the concept of big fat Indian weddings exists. The bigger an Indian wedding, the better it is we say! But sometimes, there are a few restraints in holding every event on such a grand scale. People often tend to keep the big celebration for important events like weddings and receptions. Other smaller events are often held at their homes with close people present. The Haldi ceremony is one such event. So having house-appropriate decor is a must. With this in mind, let us see the best ideas for Haldi decoration at home.

Floral Strings

Flowers are an easy peasy way of dressing up your home for any event. They add life and colour to your decor at a fraction of the effort and cost. Stigs of different flowers are extremely easy to find or source. If you cannot find anything, you can also ask your local florist to get some made for you. All you need to do is give a rough measurement of the length of the strings. Once you have the floral strings, your job is even easier. You simply need to hang them in a pattern that you like or one which suits the room. Straight lines are the easiest and classiest pattern but you can make things as complicated as you want. Place a seat under the floral strings with some flower vases around it for the finishing touches, and you are good to go!

Source: Vows and Tales, Abhinav Bhagat Events

Welcome Board Haldi Decoration At Home

Welcome boards are an easy and quick way to decorate your home for the Haldi celebration. They are also highly cost-effective because you need only a few basic items to create this decoration. All you need is a slab of plywood, some paint, paper and flowers! To create a welcome board Haldi decoration at home, cover the wood in chart paper or paint. Once it has dried, write whatever you want with flowers and stick it down with super glue. You can use paper flowers or even artificial plastic ones as they can be easier to work with. Finish the board with a contrasting border and let the artwork dry overnight. After that, you just need to hang the sign and let it serve as the central decor.

Source:, The Tie Up Events

Genda Phool Curtains

Genda flowers are a significant part of all auspicious rituals held in a home. So to include them as a part of your decor invites all the positive energy from the universe. Additionally, they are the perfect colour scheme for your Haldi decor. This is for the backdrop where the bride and groom will sit. However, it can also be a cool photo wall backdrop if done nicely. All you need to do is make sure that the density of the flowers is a lot. This way, the backdrop will give a curtain effect as opposed to just a few flowers hanging in the background.

Source: The Party Palette, The Forever Project

Vibrant Tassels

Not a huge fan of orange and yellow decorations for Haldi? Use strings of multicoloured tassels to give your Haldi décor at home a vibrant flash of colour! To get this style, all you need is a yellow backdrop drape, colourful tassels, and a few eccentric pillows. This decor is easy and hassle-free. You can buy pre-made tassels from the market or simply make them at home. All you need for this is some paper or string. You can choose any colour scheme you want. Yes, even the traditional yellow, orange and gold. This modern take on Haldi decoration at home is perfect for small events. So definitely try this one out.

Source: Royale Frames, Decorwale

Floral Photo Frames

At wedding celebrations, photo booths and frames are becoming more and more common. You can place floral picture frames in the corner of your backyard if you’re having your Haldi ceremony there. In addition to being a place for interaction where visitors may take pictures, it will also enhance the lovely décor. You’ll need plywood or thick cardboard cut into a variety of shapes for the floral frames. Choose the flowers you want to stick on the board. Hang the frames with a cord after drilling two nails on each side. At home, try out this handcrafted, straightforward Haldi decoration!

Source: Samaritan Events, Event Filmers

Wooden Background

You can choose a lovely Haldi décor at home with a Mughal wooden screen backdrop if a modest, private backyard Haldi ceremony is what you had in mind. We adore the fusion of modern textiles with Indian motifs for the couple’s homemade Haldi decoration. A configuration of plants, wood and fabric looks distinctive and elegant. To add another dimension to the decor, use contrast printed throw pillows against the hardwood background. Additionally, you can also simply keep wood as a theme. Maintain the dark tones and put a lot of flowers and plants around it. The central focal point can be a wooden seat for the bride or groom.

Source: Atisuto Events, Witty Vows

And that’s it! This was our list of the best and easy Haldi decoration at home. There are a lot more things to see for decor for the Haldi ceremony at home. But this list does leave a lot of room for you to see what you like and play around. For any queries related to wedding styling or personal styling, contact us at Styl Inc and our expert stylists will get in touch with you. Stay tuned to the Styl Inc blogs for more fashion tips and tricks. Until next time.

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