Air Source Heating System for Flower Greenhouses

Air Source Heating System for Flower Greenhouses

Most flowers are weak, as anyone who has ever grown flowers knows. The flowers might freeze to death in the winter, and they might also be sun-dried in the summer when the temperature is high. Only when the right temperature is maintained can flowers grow normally and healthily. Therefore, both heating and cooling are crucial for flower greenhouses. So what technology is employed in flower greenhouses for heating and cooling? This blog will give you the answer!

What machinery is employed for heating and cooling in flower greenhouses?

In the past, heating and cooling air conditioners or “cooling and air conditioning gas/oil/coal boilers” were mostly employed in flower greenhouses to provide cooling and heating services. However, the latter requires the purchase of two devices, which is not only expensive but also pose a fire risk; the former has weak heating effects in the winter and excessive energy consumption. It might be claimed that both approaches have serious shortcomings.

Is there a better approach to handling this issue, then? In the past, there was no way to solve it, but now that science and technology have advanced. The product named  “air source heating system” has finally solved the problem.

Advantages of  Poolworld air source heating system

  1. Particularly great resistance to cold temperatures. ​
  2. Better power savings ​.
  3. Exceptional intelligence .


Being one of the top producers of air source heating systems in China, Poolworld can be trusted to provide a high-quality product at a fair price. If you want to buy one, please contact us straight away for more information. ​

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