The Importance of ClearPetra® Access Sheath in Urological Procedures

Urological procedures are complex and demanding, requiring healthcare professionals to have access to the highest-quality medical equipment. The ClearPetra® Access Sheath from Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. is a game-changing solution that addresses the unique challenges faced in this field.

Enhanced Procedural Outcomes

The clear and durable design of the ClearPetra® Access Sheath enables healthcare providers to perform urological procedures with unparalleled precision and control. This translates to improved patient outcomes, reduced complication rates, and better overall treatment success.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With the ClearPetra® Access Sheath, healthcare facilities are able to optimize their workflow and boost their productivity. This is accomplished by reducing the process of setting up and carrying out urological treatments. It is possible that this will result in cost savings, shorter wait times, and a more effective utilization of our important resources.

Specialized Mechanism

The inflow of irrigation is through the endoscope, while the outflow of irrigation is between the scope and the sheath.

A vortex is created at the distal end of the sheath.Thus, the irrigation fluid, the stone fragments, dust, and blood, etc. in the vortex can be aspirated out.

Moreover, the aspiration pressure can be adjusted by the pressure vent on the oblique side branch of the sheath.


The track record of Well Lead Medical Co., Ltd. demonstrates that they are able to provide medical solutions that are both unique and reliable. The production of the ClearPetra® Access Sheath is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to enhancing the quality of care provided to patients and assisting medical professionals in their efforts to deliver the most favorable outcomes possible.

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