The Basic Knowledge Of Button Battery CR2450

The CR2450 is a button-shaped battery that has an alkaline electrolyte in its center, thus producing a small amount of hydrogen gas at the terminal. It is used as the primary power supply for digital watches and those devices requiring batteries with limited life.

What is a button battery CR2450?

A button battery is a type of battery with a button-shaped casing. It is most commonly used in small electronic devices, such as remote controls and watches.

How does it work?

When you press a button on a device that uses button batteries, the battery sends an electric current through the circuit to activate the device’s electronics.

Why are button batteries CR2450 used in electronics?

CR2450 button batteries are used in various electronics, from toys to appliances. Button batteries are small, lightweight, and have a long shelf life. They’re also affordable, making them a good choice for devices that need to be replaced infrequently.

Button batteries CR2450 are also compatible with several different devices. They’re often found in toys and other small electronic items that don’t require a lot of power or storage space. Because they’re so versatile, button batteries are popular among consumers who want to use their electronics anywhere they go.


Button battery CR2450 is a type of button cell battery widely used in many applications. EVE is a professional manufacturer that can provide high-quality and reliable button batteries CR2450, so if need cooperation, please contact us.

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