Maintenance Advice For Mechanical Seals

Two components are sealed and joined by mechanical seals. Mechanical seals are necessary for spinning shafts such as those in pumps, compressors, and other devices. This article is a professional answer provided by mechanical seal supplier:Junty

Maintaining equipment and seals is essential. Seals that are not properly maintained may leak, leading to breakage, downtime, and personnel injuries.

Here are some tips for maintaining and extending the life of mechanical seals:

Maintenance advice for mechanical seals

Lubrication of seals For mechanical seals to function with rotating shafts and pumps, they require ideal lubrication. In the absence of a fluid barrier to reduce friction and cool the seal faces, heat will build up, leading to dry runs, high friction, elevated temperature, and increased seal wear and tear.

Install Dry Run Monitor, which warns personnel or the accountable party when there is insufficient lubrication, to ensure that your mechanical seals don’t go dry. This maintains the efficiency of mechanical seals.

Vibration Test

A pump that vibrates excessively is not operating at its Best Efficiency Point (BEP), which can lead to cavitation and recirculation, which transmit vibration from the impeller to the shafts and mechanical seals. Increased friction and degradation of the seal face could result from this vibration. Misaligned couplings or suctions are possible.


The lifespan of the mechanical seal and system may be extended by using proper installation techniques, which include plate and shaft alignment, the number and placement of fasteners, torque level, adequate venting, and port connection. A poor installation could lead to machinery and seal wear. Seals must be precisely positioned, symmetrical, and aligned.

Pump specifications

Imagine if the pumps’ alignment, quantity of torque, or other important factors are mismatched. Excessive stress will be absorbed by the mechanical seal, limiting its lifespan.


It’s crucial to keep your equipment’s seals maintained. We hope that these suggestions for mechanical seal longevity and upkeep may be helpful. One of the leading mechanical suppliers, Junty manufactures mechanical seals and sealing components in accordance with client designs, samples, or requirements. Regarding mechanical seals, get in touch.

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