Gamification education, let children learn while playing

  • What is gamification education?

In response to several issues that parents are more concerned about, Mr. Hao combined with many years of teaching experience in editing and learning, adding a large number of cases, witty and in-depth sharing how editing and learning through games educate children.

  • Gamification education is the future trend

Editing learning by playing is very respectful of the concept of gamification teaching, and we believe that gamification education is the future trend. We found that the working hours of adults will increase with the level of economic development, and working hours will be shorter and shorter. In ancient times, people went to rest after the sunrise. After the first industrial revolution, people had a Sunday rest day and could go to church on this day; after the second industrial revolution, people became The work system is five days and eight hours; and currently, in some Western European countries, the work time has become four and six and a half hours. In the future, especially in the future AI era, China will, like the whole world, strive to develop towards shorter working hours and working hours.

But at the same time, we will find that there is another type of person whose working hours, or that they are engaged, will spend more and more time doing things, they are children. Nowadays, children, especially those in first-tier cities, have been lined up with all kinds of cram schools since they were young, and the children have become busier and busier to get more education.

However, it is the children’s nature to love to play, and children will become more and more playful. As we said earlier, adults will become idler and idler and spend a lot of time entertaining. This will create a very interesting and contradictory phenomenon. One day our children will ask their mother, “Why do you play games there every day, and I need to go to class every day.”

How to solve the contradiction that adults are getting idle and children are getting busy? The only way we can think of to keep children busy is to educate and become fun. We believe that education with platforms like is a trend in the future, so when we first named the company, we decided that we called learning by editing. Of course, we started with programming, so our first “edit” is the “edit” of “programming”.

During the operation of our play-and-learn operation, we have received many feedbacks from parents, and we have also learned that many parents are confused about “their children like playing games” and have some confusion about gamification education, so today I want to talk to Parents, come to talk about the topic of gamification education.

Some students are willing to take risks and have the courage to try new things. They are eager to ask their own problems instead of simply solving the problems in the textbook. They become creative thinkers by constantly exploring, experimenting, and challenging boundaries.

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