Football betting

Football betting

Watching football in is not easy. Prepare, wait, worry, think about what will happen … you think about it a few days before the match, and now the match is waiting, you think and worry about it. Most of all, players want to win a football team. And who to bet on? In order not to suffer in guessing which teams will win and which will lose, we have compiled a rating of the best football bets.

Bad predictions for football

It is easier to predict football in our country than in other countries, because we do not have a World Cup, and it is generally not customary to rank teams based on the results of the tour, although it is the ranking of teams for the World Championships that leads to a possible objective selection. In European countries, many football predictions are made by several leagues: reputable clubs that are associated with fans and local leagues.

And the fan clubs of the teams are mainly involved in forecasting. And the teams themselves prepare betting lines and bets for bookmakers in advance. However, almost all bookmakers (except Eurosport) do not play on the result of the match and provide this information only for line registration.

And if no bets are placed on favorites, this should be done a few weeks before the match – in this case, the author of the forecast (dispatcher) must know the name of the bookmaker.

Bid optimization

Everyone says that the best bet is a guarantee of victory, but in fact this statement is wrong. The best bet is a bet on the favorite. Of the ten teams participating in the tournament, five (and sometimes more) are favorites. But even a very strong team can unexpectedly lose to the favorite. And bets on favorites do not provide the expected result.

A classic example: the Swiss finished second at the Euro last year. They were favorites, but in the first half they lost to the Croats, and as a result, Switzerland became only the third.

This does not mean that in another match they must definitely win – there is always such a possibility. But if you want to get a guaranteed result, use the so-called “random numbers”, as in this case you can simply bet the whole bank that the team will not score a penalty.

Betting strategies

The first thing to do in creating a betting strategy is to determine the amount of money you are willing to pay for a more or less high bet compared to losing. If this number does not exceed the minimum allowable amount of your income, which can be at the slightest attempt to start the game, then you can just go ahead and just play. In most cases, such a strategy leads to victory and getting pure pleasure from the game, and there are no problems with this.

Before you start playing, you should consider all possible options and constantly monitor how your emotions behave. If your emotions are weak, then you are more likely to win. And if you are strong, you can play more carefully, doing everything possible to win.

Constantly alternate tension and relaxation. Sometimes during the game, the imagination works at an incredible speed, but in the end, routine takes its place, and this can lead to a loss of concentration. If you are playing points, then your level of concentration should be higher, since you will have to play against numerous opponents. It’s not that hard.

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